This Epic Wedding Mannequin Challenge Is The Best One Yet

Updated 11/16/16

If you clicked on this article not knowing what in the world a "mannequin challenge" is, you're probably not alone. But worry not because we're here to catch you up to speed with what's going on in this strange, social media-crazed world. The idea originally came from a group of students at a Jacksonville high school, but ever since, people all over the world have been partaking in this erm, interesting, viral sensation which includes getting your squad together and striking a very, very still pose.

As you and your besties hold your breath and try your best not to A) sneeze B) blink C) move a freakin' inch in risk of ruining your group's V important Snapchat video, one of your other lucky friends gets to film the whole thing. And what with Facebook and Instagram ruling our lives these days, your squad's video probably has a decent chance at going viral.

At least, that's what we thought before we saw this truly EPIC wedding mannequin challenge making its rounds across the web. We hate to say it, but amateur takes simply won't do anymore. This couple has set the bar way too high for any of us plebes. Don't believe us? Watch it for yourself.

These (now) newlyweds were so committed to creating the most incredible mannequin challenge to date that they decided to have their wedding videographer forgo the sweet, tender moments altogether for a jaw-dropping mannequin performance. And the best part isn't even that they did all of this on their wedding day — it's that they got their guests in on the action, too!

The YouTube video starts in the bridal suite and swoops through the pre-wedding festivities. After that, it's on to the first look, where the bride starts at the bottom of the stairs and quickly winds up in her husband-to-be's arms. Then it's on to the ceremony where guests stand stiff straight in the pews and the groom awaits his blushing bride. In the grand finale, the camera pans around a ballroom as onlooking guests get teary-eyed over the bride and groom's first dance. And then, out of nowhere, it turns into one big dance party that legit gives us all the feels.

Think you can top that? We'd love to see you try!

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