6 Fool-Proof Makeup Tips for Flawless Wedding Photos

Bridal makeup

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Your wedding is about love, commitment—and looking smokin' hot in those photos! Ensure you're stunning in every snap by using the right makeup, in the right way, and accentuating your most beautiful features. But remember, the big day is not the time to experiment with new makeup–put it to the test first (and take photos!). Here are the products and processes we recommend most for wedding-day beauty.

Start With a "Blur" Balm

The new ones use ingredients like silica to soften the look of pores so skin looks smoother, more even, and more natural—with less makeup. "If you're making foundation do all of the work, it can look thick and heavy in photos," says makeup artist Molly R. Stern, who works with Reese Witherspoon and Amy Adams. Use your fingers to apply the balm—after moisturizer and before foundation—targeting places plagued by large pores (typically the nose and the areas just beside it). We like L'Oréal RevitaLift Miracle Blur.

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Don't Be Afraid to (Triple) Blush

You already know you need blush so you don't look washed out in pictures. But did you know you need three shades of it? For all skin tones, Stern recommends first brushing a bronze powder into the hollows of your cheeks (make a duck face to find them), then swirling a bright poppy color onto the apples, and finishing with a light peachy pink all over the cheeks. Two shades we love are; Clarins Bronzing Duo and Nars Blush in Sex Appeal.

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Know the Power of Highlighter

"A Hollywood actress taught me years ago to use a highlighting powder to give the flash something to bounce off, which makes your skin glow beautifully," says Stern, who suggests dotting it at the inside corners of the eyes, on the tip of the nose, at the tops of your cheekbones, just above the lips, and on the chin. Try Stila All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten.

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Learn the White-Eyeliner Trick

The larger the eyes, the more engaging the pictures, which is why most top models have gigantic ones! Luckily, the rest of us can fake it. Tracing the bottom inside rims of the eyes with a white pencil (we like Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl in Blanc) gives the illusion of extending the whites of the eyes. "This instantly makes them look bigger and more awake—and no one can see the actual liner in person, never mind in photos," says Stern. (And it works on all skin tones.)

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Embrace Brow Gel

Full brows frame the face and make you look polished in pics—until they get wonky. "There's nothing worse than having your close-up photos ruined by random brow hairs sticking up in the wrong direction," says Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist. The fix: After filling in your brows with powder or pencil, use a clear brow gel to brush and set the hairs neatly in one direction. We like Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara. Keep the gel on hand for any touch-ups, especially if you're switching dresses between the ceremony and reception.

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Finish With a Curler and False Lashes

Curl first, making sure to reach the outer lashes. "Otherwise, eyes can look droopy," says Dedivanovic. Then, place a few individual clusters (they look more natural than strips) along the lash line. "This creates definition and makes the eyes pop in photos," says Stern. We like Tweezerman Rose Gold Procurl Lash Curler and Ardell Duralash Individual Lashes. Brush on mascara and go!

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