Your Go-To Bridal Beauty Guide For Every Wedding Season

Whether you're planning a winter wedding or summer soirée, find your bridal beauty look here

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Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective

Your wedding date determines a lot more than just what you'll be printing on those wedding invites. Whether you're having a winter wonderland wedding, a springtime party, a summer soirée, or fall festivities, the season will impact everything from your big day decor to your wedding dress. Duh, right? And sure, you probably also know that you'll have to cut peonies from your dream bouquet if you're planning a December wedding, and that you won't be able to include gardenias in the centerpieces. But big day blooms aren't the only thing that's seasonal—your wedding makeup is, too.

You wouldn't serve your guests hot toddies in the dog days of summer, would you? Or wear an airy chiffon slip in your snowy winter wedding photos? Well, just like there're seasonal flowers, fabrics, and cocktails, beauty routines and makeup looks can change with the seasons, as well. You know how you start slathering on the SPF in June (although you should be wearing it year-round!), and add an extra layer of moisturizer in the winter to combat dryness? Well, the same applies to your wedding day makeup.

Just like you take the time of year into consideration when choosing your wedding colors, brides should do the same when deciding what makeup they'll be wearing down the aisle. Tying the knot around the holidays? Bold, rich lipstick hues look striking against a white, snowy backdrop. Saying I do in the spring? Soft pastel eyeshadow, lip, and nail colors are in bloom.

Just another thing to add to ye olde wedding to-do list, right? Well, no need to fret. We've simplified seasonal bridal beauty right here. Feel Unique, Europe's largest beauty retailer, along with Built Visible created this handy-dandy infographic that shows how to highlight your natural beauty at your favorite time of the year—your specific wedding season!

So whether you're a to-be-wedded snow bunny or a beachy bride-to-be, use this guide to help nail down your perfect wedding makeup look. You can thank us later.

Seasonal Wedding Makeup
Seasonal Wedding Makeup, Winter
Seasonal Wedding Makeup, Spring
Seasonal Wedding Makeup, Summer
Seasonal Wedding Makeup, Fall
Photo by Feel Unique

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