From MOH to FH: Wedding Lingo and Abbreviations Decoded

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Have you exchanged an email with a friend, logged on to a wedding forum, or viewed a comment on a popular wedding blog only to feel as if you're reading alphabet soup? With so many abbreviations for popular wedding-related phrases, it's easy to get lost in a sea of MOHs, FOBs and FWs. What's it all mean? We're hear to decode the most common wedding abbreviations you may encounter so that you can use them yourself — or at least be able to understand what you're reading!

AHR: At-home reception

AI: All-inclusive

BIL: Brother-in-law

BM: Best man or bridesmaid

BP: Bridal party

DOC: Day-of coordinator

DW: Destination wedding

EP: Engagement party

ER: Engagement ring

FBIL: Future brother-in-law

FFIL: Future father-in-law

FG: Flower girl

FH: Future husband

FI: Fiancé or fiancée

FILs: Future in-Laws

FMIL: Future mother-in-law

FNF: Friends and family

FOB: Father of bride

FOG: Father of groom

FSIL: Future sister-in-law

FW: Future wife

GM: Groomsmen

H2B: Husband-to-be

IHO: In honor of

ILs: In-laws

JOP: Justice of the Peace

LDR: Long-distance relationship

LTBM: Living together before marriage

MIL: Mother-in-law

MOB: Mother of bride

MOG: Mother of groom

MOH: Maid of honor or matron of honor

OOTG: Out-of-town guests

RB: Ring bearer

RD: Rehearsal dinner

SIL: Sister-in-law

SO: Significant other

STDs: Save-the-dates

TTD: Trash the dress

WP: Wedding party or wedding planner

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