Wedding Lingerie Tips Straight From the Experts

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The search for the perfect wedding lingerie can make you feel like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Throughout the process, you'll have dozens of rendezvous with “too big” and “too small” (and "too padded," "too lacy," and "too white") options before you find something that’s jusssst right. It can be a completely exhausting, seemingly unnecessary task on your neverending wedding to-do list, but finding the perfect bra can be the make or break factor in getting your wedding dress to look, fit, and feel exactly the way you’ve always dreamed of.

"Before heading off to go dress shopping, make sure you have a bra that fits you well, is your correct size, and is just the ultimate first layer that makes you feel amazing," says LIVELY founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant. "You will know if you are pulling and tugging at that piece or if it is sitting just right. Once you have that feeling, everything else you layer will feel that much better. You’ll be more confident trying on dresses and you won’t be worried about adjusting or being uncomfortable!"

In order to avoid any and all discomfort, Journelle CEO Lyn Lewis joins Cordeiro Grand to share tips for exactly how to pick out the perfect bra to wear with your wedding dress. After all, your boobs deserve their big day, too.

Get Fitted

The number one, most important thing you need to do when you're shopping for a wedding day bra? "Get measured!" says Cordeiro Grant. "Many women assume their size hasn’t changed in years, even throughout weight losses or gains. Find your perfect size, pick out a bra and jump around, sit down, and dance in it to make sure it’s fully prepared for your big day!"

Prioritize Comfort

Everyone imagines a cute, lacy bra for their wedding day over a run-of-the-mill nude one, but you need to be realistic about what's going to best fit your needs. "For your big day, it’s really easy to focus on the look of the piece you're selecting over function! We truly feel like you can find both high-style and ultimate comfort and function in one piece, and feel like that truly is the sweet spot to selecting the perfect piece for your day," says Cordeiro Grant. Comfort should be a big priority. You’re going to be sitting, eating, and dancing in your bra and undies all day and night–make sure uncomfortable lace or the wrong underwire is not a part of that!"

Consider an Actual Bra Over Sewn Support

It may be tempting to have cups sewn straight into your dress and call it a day (who really wants to spend their time shopping for a bra, anyway?) but this won't necessarily make life easier. "While being sewn into your dress can be convenient, this alternative can often look unnatural," warns Cordeiro Grant. "This option may not offer as much support as you need and when you hit the dance floor, the cups may move with the dress, instead of with you."

Function and Fashion Don't Have to Be Mutually Exclusive

Having a bra that can serve double duty for the wedding day and the wedding night isn't impossible. "Functional bras don't have to be boring!" says Lewis. " Some of our most popular bras are supportive, lacy, and very comfortable." Make sure you prioritize finding the best bra that works for your dress, though, as you can always "slip into something more comfortable" before bedtime.

Be Smart About Strapless

If you're wearing a strapless dress, chances are you and your seamstress worked tirelessly to ensure you won't spend the entire night pulling it up. If you have an ill-fitting bra, though, all of that work will have been for nothing. "Strapless bras particularly need to be fit properly to ensure no slipping, and to make sure the bride is wearing what's best suited for her dress," says Lewis.

Find Something That Makes You Feel Good

Ultimately, the best wedding day bra is one that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and sexy. "Look for something that reflects your personal style while also being functional and comfortable," says Cordeiro Grant. "Whether it is an active-inspired detail, a pretty hit of lace, mesh trim that makes you feel like a badass – find the elements that make you feel like your best version of you while checking the comfort and function boxes on your pick. We feel like a woman is sexiest and most confident when she is comfortable."

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