Crowd-Pleasing Late-Night Wedding Snacks: The Burgers & Fries Edition

Updated 08/17/19

Catherine Hall Studios

Serving late-night snacks at a wedding reception is becoming more popular—not to mention the guests love it! One of our favorite menu ideas? Classic burgers and fries, of course. Here are our favorite burger-centric ways to serve them and keep everyone dancing until dawn.

Tray-Passed Mini Burgers & Fries: Before the reception comes to an end, have servers pass out miniature burgers and fries to guests on the dance floor since they've probably worked off their dinner by now!

Photo: Collin Miller

Favorite Fast-Food Burgers: Hand out burgers from your favorite joint (In-N-Out, McDonald's, White Castle, etc.) to your late-night revelers and they'll go nuts over them, guaranteed.

J. Jones Photography

Make-Your-Own Sliders Station: A fun, interactive idea would be to set up a late-night sliders bar where guests can add their favorite toppings and assemble their own.

French Fry Bar: How cool is this—a station complete with piping hot fries and your choice of seasonings.

Tray-Passed Drive-Thru Meal: Save your guests a trip through the drive-thru on their way home by passing out trays with burgers, fries, and a mini vanilla milkshake.

Take-Home To-Go Meal: Send guests home with a takeout bag containing burgers and fries from your favorite joint to enjoy on their ride home.

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