Wedding Inspiration, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

An extensive guide for all the big decisions—dress, venue, food, music, and more.

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Photo by Stephania Campos

Despite brides' understanding that we're ambling down a well-walked aisle, we still appreciate our singular stroll—the ways our wedding journey will be all our own. But it's easy to feel like every sister-in-white has read the same "75 Unique Wedding Ideas" article. It's a great piece, but maybe you're longing for something a bit more specific to you.

Remember the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment from your days in career prep or as a summer camp counselor participating in "team-building training?" This hyper-specific questionnaire is designed to help people understand themselves and others, then consequently "lead more fulfilling and effective lives," by assigning them a four-letter personality preference using a combination of eight letters.

E(xtrovered) or I(ntroverted) + S(ensing) or i N(tuition) + T(hinking) or F(eeling) + P(erceiving) or J(udging)

So, we figured, why not apply its teachings for a "more fulfilling and effective" wedding?

"We all have a natural, easy way we'd want to plan a wedding," says Catherine Rains, an MBTI certification-trainer who also happens to love weddings as much as we do. But don't think MBTI is pigeon-holing anyone; they're not saying only ESTP brides are fun or only ENFP brides are searching for meaning. Plus, weddings especially are so complicated that given the situation, any bride could act out any type. Maybe you're envisioning a bold red dress, but pleasing your ultra-conservative mother is a top priority. Or, if the most empathetic (F) of brides has in-laws who are driving her bonkers, Rains says, "She just might go T on people! Like, 'Screw you, guys. I’m doing what I want.' Sometimes it’s not appropriate to do your own type, and MBTI doesn't explain everything."

Meet the Expert

Catherine Rains is an MBTI certification trainer and a professional collage artist. When she is not creating or selling art, she travels to teach the MBTI assessment in workshops.

Just as we sometimes work against our body's natural inclinations with ambitious fitness or nutrition goals, you might have learned that the characteristics of another MBTI type served you better and adopted them. (Think about your shitshow of a college friend who ended up CEO of her own company.)

"We want to make sure we’re not saying this is how you should be planning your wedding," says Rains, "but, rather, this is how it might be fun or easy to do it based on your type. Or, you know, chuck it all and go with the opposite! Just have a good time!"

So whether sticking to your own type or stealing from others, find inspiration below for your go at answering "What kind of bride am I?"

ISTJ, “The Reluctant Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Oscar De La Renta; Flower by Getty

Honestly, there's a chance ISTJs may not want a wedding. Even though y'all are expert organizers, the idea of parading yourselves loudly and luxuriously in front of a crowd doesn't sit well with your quiet, matter-of-fact nature. "The ISTJ may downplay the whole 'I’m a bride' thing,'" says Rains. "Since they tend to not want a lot of limelight on themselves, they may do something simple like eloping or a courthouse wedding with only their immediate family and friends."

Wedding Dress: The Little White Dress
You're likely to prefer the LBD's subtle and sophisticated older sister. Plus, your inherent practicality recognizes the LWD's affordability and re-purposing potential.

First Dance Song: "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane
From the title alone, the introvert in you is immediately drawn to a song about escaping a crowd ("And if you have a minute, why don't we go / Talk about it somewhere only we know"). And, the ISTJ's realism shines in lyrics like "I'm getting old, and I need something to rely on." This acoustic version is laidback and romantic—perfect for a non-fussy ceremony or the car ride to the airport before your elopement.

Food: Cheese and Chocolate Boards
Since ST-types tend to be ultra-detailed, offerings will be grouped strategically to best complement their interaction of flavors.

Planning Strategy: All You!
ISTJ peeps take pleasure in the orderly. Once you've made your decisions, you'll work steadily towards your goals, regardless of distractions. Even if you're not about a lot of fanfare, what you are about, you'll execute just fine yourself.

Bachelorette Party: Spa Retreat
You're going to need a relaxing reprieve from planning. So, of course, you'll cleverly schedule a bachelorette weekend centered on peace and procedure—two things ISTJs love.

Guest Party Favors: Potted Succulents
Predisposed by their punctiliousness, lots of ISTJs are understandably house-proud. Now your guests can take home a plant that tastefully enhances their own spaces, and requires very minimal watering (for those friends less responsible than you.)

Dessert: Wine-Inspired Wedding Cake
If a Hallmark card features cheese and chocolate, you can bet there's a wine glass on there too. Your cake will pair well with whatever red, white, or rosé you've selected.

Venue: Court House or Elopement Destination
Cue the wanderlust in 3, 2, 1...

What to Register For: Home Accent Items
When you've made the effort to feng shui the bejezus out of everything, you can't leave the design of your throw pillows up in the air. Give your guests guidance for what you need to keep your home in harmony.

ISFJ, “The Nurturing Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Tara Keely; Flower by Getty

As an ISFJ bride, you probably read about your fiancé, MoH, or mom's type-preferences before your own. You're just that kind-hearted. "ISFJs are more than likely going to want a low-key wedding," says Rains, "but they'll be very sensitive to what everybody else wants. Every nook and cranny of this wedding is high-tuned."

Wedding Dress: Modern-Day Fairytale
The IRL equivalent of a Disney princess deserves a gown equally as precious, and a sweetheart neckline feels the obvious choice.

First Dance Song: "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes
"I want to make you feel wanted" is your life mantra turned lyrical. But, take a minute of the three or so in this pop-country ballad for yourself too. ("Your beauty's deeper than the make-up...")

Food: Next-Level Cocktail Hour Hors d'oeuvres
Bless you for refusing to let your guests suffer crappy crudités while you and your partner are photographed during cocktail hour. From fried mac & cheese lollipops to grilled cheese with tomato soup shots, comfort food assembled for convenience appeals to all your considerate tendencies.

Planning Strategy: Friends-and-Family Approach
Many ISFJs have an uncanny ability to remember specifics about what matters to people who are close to them. In your constant pursuit of minding the preferences of others, you'll want everyone weighing in. Just beware of conflicting opinions, and don't be afraid to remind people this is still your wedding. ("Go T on them!")

Bachelorette Party: Budget-Friendly
You'll be cost-conscious inviting your maids to vacation, and if a destination party feel likes too much of an ask, you'll happily plan a stay-at-home sleepover.

Guest Party Favors: Jar of Honey
Though sweet as can be, you're not one for saccharine over sensibility. Your thoughtfulness comes through with a gift people will use later.

Dessert: Multi-Flavored Layered Cake
More layers = more flavors = more chances to please your guests.

Venue: Backyard
Think small, intimate, and sensible—and you literally have your hands on every particular.

What to Register For: Household Cleaning Products
Neat Freaks are common among ISFJs, and as one writer notes, these items "will keep your registry purposeful and useful, and your home clean and happy."

INFJ, "The Conscientious Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Temperly London; Flower by Getty

What's good, INFJs? But, seriously—you guys are very concerned about the common good and ensuring you've done right by your bridal duties. "They want smaller, but sentimental weddings," says Rains. "Very personal—with every single detail speaking about who the bride is and who the couple is. All the NFs wanna do something that’s kinda out of the box, creative, and expressive."

Wedding Dress: Statement Sleeves
Long or short, fitted or fluttery—sleeves are a small, singular facet that INFJs can still easily purpose to say something about themselves.

First Dance Song: "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars
Count on Bruno to come through with your first dance number—one that simultaneously celebrates your intuition ("And I know when I need it / I can count on you like 4, 3, 2") and strong values system ("Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah / You can count on me cause I can count on you").

Food: Pizza
If anything belongs outside the box, it's pizza. Feature you and your fiancé's favorite topping combination alongside a vegetarian option, and you'll hit the sweet savory spot where ingenuity meets inclusiveness.

Planning Strategy: Sticking to the Timeline
Taking care of business comes naturally to INFJs, who are organized and decisive, so it's likely you'll be the paradigm when it comes to mapped-out efficiency.

Bachelorette Party: Sexy, Not Sexist
You deserve better than penis straws. Center your bachelorette on you and the greater good by planning an empowered night or weekend that bashes reductive stereotypes. Invite guys, avoid strippers, cover boobs, and party on.

Guest Party Favors: Message-in-a-Bottle
Uncork for inspirational messages! These bottled-up epigrams are an unexpected way for your guests to feel motivated and valued, both of which are important to INFJs.

Dessert: One-Tier Wedding Cake
Let them eat art! Since you're more likely to have a small wedding, you won't need a towering monolith of a cake. These petite alternatives double as lovely canvases for your distinctive aesthetic.

Venue: Botanical Gardens
Botans are often run by universities or scientific research organizations for conservation or education purposes, which causes your conscientious little heart to dance. Plus, hello, they're a venue that comes pre-decorated.

What to Register For: Give:Tendr
Charity registries accomplish multiple INFJ goals: 1) conveying a cause the couple holds dear 2) benefiting the common good and 3) emotionally impacting others.

INTJ, “The Ambitious Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Photo by Kibogo Photography; Flower by Getty

This WILL be the best wedding ever, because you INTJs will accept nothing less. You have high standards for your day and yourself. But when your originality and insightfulness meets your drive, aspirational becomes achievable. "There will be creative twists in their choices," says Rains, "while still being very structured and organized."

Wedding Dress: Backless
You're "bringing sexy back" with a dramatic swoop that showcases moxie and your recent proclivity for push-ups, since you'll likely be committed in your fitness goals as well.

First Dance Song: "Love Is Easy" by McFly
INTJs are often called "The Scientists" due to how well their organizational skills complement their natural insight. You are quick to build observations about the world around you and understand new ideas. So for you, love is just "a simple equation / With no complications / To leave you confused / If this is love, love, love / Hmm, it's the easiest thing to do."

Food: Raw Bar
Decadent, but daunting—still, the quality-control required by seafood is nothing the structured and application-based INTJs can't handle.

Planning Strategy: Wedding Blogs
Apply the scientific method by observing multiple ideas and inspiration online and then figuring out what works for your situation.

Bachelorette Party: Chicago
Chi Town boasts a vibrant art, architecture, and artisanal scene so INTJs will never run out of possibilities for a good time.

Guest Party Favors: Custom Frisbees
Lofty standards characterize INTJs, and they also expect those around them to rise to challenges—including a high toss during a reception-wide Ultimate Frisbee game.

Dessert: Boozy Cupcakes
Biting into a mini-cake to find—delicious twist!—it's been infused with liquor? We'll take four, thanks.

Venue: Villa Estate
Most estates are gorgeous structures laid out beautifully and efficiently—prompting raised hands from INTJs, and offering multiple functionalities with regards to your ceremony and reception.

What to Register For: Experiences
Cater to your curiosity, INTJs! From a hot air balloon ride to a couples cooking class, use your registry for discovering something new.

ISTP, “The Problem-Solving Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Lela Rose; Flower by Getty

Last-minute cancellations or rain on your wedding day? You won't bat a perfectly-coifed eyelash. "ISTPs want things to be very exact, kinda perfect, but they’re very flexible in their perfection," says Rains. You ISTPs quietly observe your surroundings with a tolerant temperament, and then act quickly to find workable solutions as soon as a problem does arise. "Although they’re kind of quiet, ISTPs tend to be fun-loving and kinda sardonic," says Rains. "They'll have fun elements in their wedding, and though all their ducks are in a row, there's wiggle room."

Wedding Dress: Off-the-Shoulder
ISTPs love to be on-point, but they're not usually the pioneers when it comes to trends. OTS dresses are definitely still in fashion, and enough ladies have dared to bare before, to assure ISTPs they too can pull it off (the shoulder).

First Dance Song:She Got the Honey” by Mat Kearney
The muse of Kerney's bouncy number is probably a shy, but ballsy ISTP. ("I buy Americano every morning / Rings me up and winks with no warning / [...] Lights up when she sees my face / Turns red as she's turning away") Her cynical side shows face in her cat-and-mouse technique ("She's got the honey / I don't think it's funny / That she keeps walking away"), but that was all part of a well-organized and logical plan to lock this one down ("When she walks right through the door / Crazy, every little way I fall / I come crashing down / We're gonna get there, get there").

Food: Biscuit Bar
Combinations are endless with a biscuit bar that offers sweet and savory options. ISTPs can leave guests to decide themselves what goes into a "perfect" biscuit. (Editor's Note: The correct answer is fried chicken and honey hot sauce.)

Planning Strategy: Polling Married Friends
They've been there, done that. Furthermore, ISTPs are excellent at analyzing large amounts of data for identifying the cores of problems, cause-and-effect principles, and efficient strategies. A few conversations with a few friends, and ISTPs will be ready to lay out the particulars of their plan (and their multiple contingency routes)!

Bachelorette Party: Portland
Portland established its seat at the "cool" table years ago, and its wide range of activities will equally appeal to ISTPs. Most of you tend to be very action-based and athletic, so do some hiking Pacific Coast Trail to satiate your thrill-seeking too.

Guest Party Favors: Coca-Cola & Maker's Mark
Cheers to you for these mini-cocktail sets that are fun and on theme with the barn and biscuits.

Dessert: Doughnut Wall
The trendiness and efficiency of a grab-n-go doughnut wall over the whole cake-cutting process just makes sense to you ISTPs, right?

Venue: Barn
Stay inside and dance under beams braided with fairy lights, or go outside and soak up the scenery. You wanted to give your guests options, but also protect from the elements, should the heavens decide the pour.

What to Register For: Not These Things
As mentioned above, the ISTP has a knack for figuring out what doesn't work, and adjusting accordingly.

ISFP, “The Artistic Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Delphine Manivet; Flower by Getty

You'll find ISFPs always striving to "live in the moment," while still taking in how everyone else feels about what's going on around them. "ISFPs are very fun-loving and all about who they are, but very cognizant of what other people are doing," says Rains. Friendly, sensitive and kind are three words to describe the ISFP bride, who is very committed to her values and people who are important to her. "They're going to make decisions based on other people's happiness," Rains says. "Everybody has to be happy at the same time."

Wedding Dress: Minimalist
The chic vibes of modern minimalism suggest a quiet artistic statement without offending anyone—the best of both worlds for an ISFP.

First Dance Song: "How Long Will I Love You?” by Ellie Goulding
You can't listen to Goulding's piano-driven melody here without swaying. The sweetness of her voice and her words effortlessly capture the ISFP's concern for others; you guys won't even love someone unless he/she gives the okay ("How long will I love you / As long as stars are above you / And longer if I may). And in the final stanza, we hear the ISFP's declaration of YOLO, albeit more refined: "We're all traveling through time together / Every day of our lives / All we can do is do our best / To relish this remarkable ride."

Food: Bagels
To promise happiness to every one of your guests, you will literally have "everything," and multiple other bagel types, with a wide assortment of smears and gluten-free offerings too.

Planning Strategy: Apps
Many ISFPs need space to evaluate and work. They value alone time and being left to their own time frames, so apps they can scroll through on their private phones are one way to go.

Bachelorette Party: Nashville
Affectionately known as the Little Big Town, Nashville covers the spectrum with the draws of both a busy city and a laid-back Southern community, with ways to charm everyone in your group, ISFPs.

Guest Party Favors: Food Pairings
ISFPs are practical, and honestly, the way to please practically everyone is food. The creative pairings give you a chance to flex your imagination.

Dessert: Pastry Spread
A brunch wedding is both artsy and advisable—especially when it comes to cost considerations. Set up a spread of pastries alongside your bagels for even more creative variability.

Venue: Hotel
A breathtaking ballroom in a grand hotel is easily reachable for your guests staying upstairs, and enticing to the ISFP due to its once-in-a-lifetime feel.

What to Register For: Wine of the Month Subscription
What better way for you to "live in the moment" than registering for a monthly subscription service? You'll look forward to each exciting change of pace as it comes (regularly scheduled and well-packaged, of course).

INFP, “The Empathetic Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress Courtesy of Christy Dawn; Flower by Getty

An INFP wedding will create a profound difference for you, your guests, and the whole planet, if you have your way. "The INFPs are very, very value-driven," says Rains. "They care about people in a very deep way. Sometimes they're a little hippie-ish, and everything they see as, 'How does this help humanity?'" Y'all are looking for a sustainable wedding as much as a sustainable marriage.

Wedding Dress: Indie
Yes, you'll need something idiosyncratic and communicative, but you'd also prefer it to be locally-sourced, eco-friendly, and it would be amazing if a portion of the proceeds helped build orphanages in a third world country.

First Dance Song:Oh My Stars” by Andrew Belle
You rely heavily on your intuition, and you're constantly searching for value and truth in your lives. This twinkling song's narrator begs to learn more about a significant other, mostly to verify that he was right—their romance was indeed fated ("If everything you've said to me has been true / Then all my stars are leading me to you").

Food: Local Food Truck
Hooray for supporting local business, and being so over over-processed fast food. A made-to-order food truck also reduces waste and the burden on your wait staff—more points to win favor with INFPs.

Planning Strategy: Sustainable
From choosing spaces with LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certifications and Energy Star ratings to organizing post-wedding donations of your flowers, your planning strategy will be clean and green through and through.

Bachelorette Party: Guatemala
Antigua has charming shopping, relaxing spas, and ample volunteering opportunities! You'd love to fold some community service into your getaway.

Guest Party Favors: Eco-Friendly Confetti
Now you can have all the cute—carefree!

Dessert: Water-Colored Cake
Types with N and P love grandiose inspiration, which takes edible form in these watercolor masterpieces.

Venue: Public Park
Go green literally by exchanging vows in well-maintained public park.

What to Register For: Work-Based Charities
Maybe it's your inquisitiveness, or your need to demonstrate your values on the daily, but you want to know exactly what's going to be done with the money you've asked your guests to donate in lieu of gifts.

INTP, “The Visionary Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Monique Lhuillier; Flower by Getty

Undoubtedly, someone will tell you on your wedding day, "You are a vision." But if they don't, eh, that's okay too. "INTPs don't really need to please everybody," says Rains. "They'll think of some really wild, original ideas, and it won't really matter if their mother-in-law doesn't like it. It's like, 'If we can afford it, and it’s creative and it makes a statement about who we are, that’s good.'”

Wedding Dress: Non-Traditional
Florals? Color-blocking? Jumpsuits? INTPs have no problem with avant-garde, and love a little boundary-pushing.

First Dance Song:All About Us” by He is We
The INTP is looking for originality, and this relatively undiscovered He is We song has those specialized indie pop vibes. The rest of the room will love the techno harmonies, courtesy of Owl City, but you probably won't notice... ("Cause lovers dance when they're feelin' in love / Spotlight's shinin' it's all about us / It's all about us / And every heart in the room will melt / This is a feeling I've never felt but / It's all about us")

Food: BBQ
If you love baby back ribs, and a casual, unconventional buffet appeals to you INTPs, then there's really nothing left to discuss, huh?

Planning Strategy: You and Your Fiancé
INTPs tend to be self-contained people. You two will brainstorm like crazy to come up with the coolest, creative tricks for a fun, different, and meaningful wedding, but one that only has to meet your own standards.

Bachelorette Party: Boston
When you value knowledge above all else, as many INTPs do, a bachelorette party in one of the most historic (but still fun!) cities in America seems like a "duh" call.

Guest Party Favors: Hot Sauce
Problem-solving comes easily to many INTPs, which is handy because you guys are sometimes a little critical. On a culinary front, there aren't many problems hot sauce can't fix, and not many dishes that wouldn't benefit from a few shakes anyhow.

Dessert: Modern-Inspired Cake
You're cool. These cakes are cool. If anyone has a problem with their alt-design, they can head to the back of the line.

Venue: Open Field
For a fresh take on a traditional venue, let's take this outside. As INTPs are naturally adaptable, you won't stress about weather woes and your logical self will be prepared for other outdoor-related challenges.

What to Register For: Stuff To Use On Your Actual Wedding Day
Cheat the system! You've analyzed the situation, and realized this is a serious money- and stress-saving tactic.

ESTP, “The Fun Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Oscar De La Renta; Flower by Getty

BRING OUT THE CAPS-LOCK, ESTPs! YOU. ARE. SO. FUN! Seriously fun. Just look at how many times Rains said fun when describing you: "ESTPs are incredibly fun-loving. They'll insist everyone at the wedding has a lot of fun. They’d go for a photo booth. They’d have a congo line. Anything that’s like, 'Let’s just have a good time.' The ESTPs aren't necessarily making decisions based on what will make everyone else in the room happiest—because they think happiness is everyone's own responsibility—but they do want everyone to have fun. They’re very, very fun."

Wedding Dress: Embellished
Fashion-focused and concerned with trends, the ESTP will choose a socially-acceptable dress that's on-point, but still, OF COURSE, fun! Embellishments provide a "wow" factor without drifting too far from the mainstream.

First Dance Song: "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness
Take a spin on the boring slow dance with this popular banger from the early 2000s. C'mon—that falsetto is all fun.

Food: Late-Night Breakfast
A night-out with you has ended in a Waffle House or 24/7 diner more than once, so this just feels right.

Planning Strategy: Top-Rated Planner
Planners who are well-connected, informed, and trendy with a proven track record only need apply.

Bachelorette Party: Miami, FL
With fun as your motivation for all things, you'll find plenty to do on a beach trip to Miami.

Guest Party Favors: Insta-worthy Cookies
Edible favors are easily the most favored these days, and since we're talking trending, these cookies deserve their own wedding hashtag.

Dessert: Drip Cake
One of the sweetest happenings of the moment, as dubbed by the Pinterest Wedding Report of 2017, drip cakes are a beautiful and versatile way for ESTPs to stay in chic.

Venue: Big Tent
It's like a classy circus up in here. You'll be able to see everything going on around you, which is important to ESTPs. Read an ESTP's advice for choosing one in the link above.

What to Register For: Pantone Colors
These are the colors of the year—you already know them and want them reflected in all areas of your home.

ESFP, “The Trendy Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Monique Lhuillier; Flower by Getty

"This is not the traditional bride" says Rains about you cutting-edge ESFPs. You're extremely fashionable and know very specifically how things go together, from your dress to your table place settings. But while attuned to the aspects, your main focus is everyone having a damn good time at your wedding. "Whatever's the latest thing, they'll know about," Rains says. "And they're going to have an eagle-eye on the room. They'll make decisions based on what's hip, but also what's going to make everybody happy."

Wedding Dress: The Trends of 2018
Your aesthetic is runway-ready, so your dress is likely to be as of-the-moment as they come.

First Dance Song: "Lost in Your Light" by Dua Lipa
The ESFPs have known the up-and-coming reign of Dua Lipa for a hot minute, so it's understandable they'd choose a good-feeling, upbeat love song from one of the most prominent artists on the scene right now.

Food: Brunch
Brunch will never go out of style, and as daytime weddings become more and more hip, it's an in-vogue choice for ESFP brides.

Planning Strategy: Pinterest
You'll stay abreast of what's trending, and find the widest range of ideas so you can be sure to have the most fun and diverse options for your guests.

Bachelorette Party: Scottsdale
"The West's Most Western Town” is quickly showing up on those "Top 10 Hottest Places to Bachelorette Right Now" lists (that were probably made by ESFPs).

Guest Party Favors: Mini Liquor Bottles
We told you the ESFP will guarantee a good time.

Dessert: Metallic Ombre Cake
Metallics are in, ombres is in, and cake is always in.

Venue: Destination Wedding
Destination weddings are on the rise, whether you're staying domestic and headed international. Where's the "coolest" place to be, anywhere in the world, the month of your wedding? See you there, ESFPs.

What to Register For: Millennial Pink
Attention, blushing ESFP brides! "This hot hue is totally taking over your wedding registry."

ENFP, “The Inspired Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Theia Ruby; Flower by Getty

ENFPs live in a world of possibility, where they’re determined to savor their lives, and their warm enthusiasm often motivates others to do the same. "ENFPs are the motivators who think outside the box," says Rains. "They see so many possibilities, and really care that people have a meaningful experience at their weddings—that others are touched deeply. It's not just fun, it's an inspiring time."

Wedding Dress: Separates
ENFPs thrive off excitement, but also need to feel they’re living authentically. These sexy, but sophisticated two-piece bridal gowns provide the thrill of skin and the freedom to mix and match for a look that’s all your own.

First Dance Song:Hold My Hand” by Jess Glynne
This upbeat melodic number captures ENFPs’ longing for acceptance and support in their relationships (“Please tell me that you’ve got me and you’re never gonna leave”), while maintaining an independent commitment to their own internal values and following through with goals, despite resistance (“Break my bones, but you won’t see me fall / The rising tide will rise against them all”). Plus, that opening piano riff is BOPPIN.

Food: Taco Bar
The crowd-pleasing customization and flexibility factors of a taco bar will put ENFPs at ease.

Planning Strategy: An Ultra-Organized Wedding Planner
Typically, ENFPs hate schedules and mundane tasks, and you're easily distracted by any exciting new alternative that comes their way. Therefore, if they can afford a wedding planner, ENFPs would benefit from someone else managing logistics and keep them on track.

Bachelorette Party: Weekend in NYC
The city that never sleeps is the ideal stimulating backdrop for an ENFP bachelorette.

Guest Party Favors: Customized Coffee Blend
Here’s another way for ENFPs to put a personal touch that's likely to delight most guests.

Dessert: Churros
Surprise! ENFPs like to change things up, and this Spanish-inspired dessert will complement the tacos.

Venue: Industrial
Built-up structures provide a feeling of permanence, but the creative elasticity of these spaces transform them into playgrounds for ENFPs’ boundless ideas, and they can still be functional in inclement weather.

What to Register For: Housewares
Someone's gotta buy ENFPs the blenders they need, or they may never get around to forcing themselves to do it.

ENTP, “The Edgy Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Marchesa; Flower by Getty

"Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About" was probably written by an ENTP. "They're looking for something very different and edgy," says Rains. "They want something interesting that people will talk about and they're not all that concerned that you like it." Many ENTPs are known to be sarcastic, and love a good inside joke."They want to be expressive about who they are," says Rains, "and they don't want to look like everybody else."

Wedding Dress: Colored
A traditional white, strapless wedding dress feels way passé to many ENTPs, who are more likely to prefer these colorful standouts.

First Dance Song: "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson
There's a playful sardonic vibe to this song ("I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair. Sew on patches to all you tear."). While its narrator seems to acknowledge she can sometimes be a little prickly, the way she is works for her lover, so c'est la vie! ("Cause I love the way you call me baby. And you take me the way I am.")

Food: Specialty Cuisine
Maybe the flavors are surprising or spicy. Perhaps there's a funny story about you and your groom's first date at an Indian restaurant. Even if they're a little unorthodox for a wedding, if you ENTPs love these foods and want them, they're there.

Planning Strategy: All of them
ENTPs are quick, ingenious, and bored by routine. Since you guys are quick to turn to one new interest after another, it's likely you'll use a myriad of sources to inspire your wedding decisions.

Bachelorette Party: Austin, Texas
With a tagline like "“Keep Austin Weird," it's not hard to imagine an edgy ENTP living it up in Austin with breakfast tacos and live music.

Guest Party Favors: City-Inspired
Demonstrative and individualized, ENTPs would welcome a shoutout to their home or host city on their wedding day.

Dessert: Anything-But-Vanilla-Flavored Cake
Adjectives like "one-of-a-kind," "unforgettable," and "unique" describe both ENTPs and these flavorings.

Venue: In the Woods
Trust an ENTP to invite you off the beaten path—literally.

What to Register For: Based On Your Partner's Zodiac Sign
Consult the stars for a quirky handling of your registry.

ESTJ, “The Methodical Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Francesca Lecca; Flower by Getty

Often the life of the party, ESTJS are meticulously fun. "I wish I could hire an ESTJ to just run my life," says Rains. "From the moment they get engaged, my God, they’ll have a plan for an incredibly well-organized wedding. There's nothing that's not been thought of at an ESTJ wedding—from the kind of fork to where they'll place their wedding favors."

Wedding Dress: Ethereal
The ESTJ won't want heavy layers of ruffle, tulle, and organza weighing her down all night. You're practical, and know a lighter, flowing number will allow swifter movement.

First Dance Song: "Better Together" by Jack Johnson
Decisive and matter-of-fact, the systematic lyrics of this buoyant acoustic jam follow the romantic logic of an ESTJ: "Love is the answer / At least for most of the questions in my heart / Like why are we here? / And where do we go? / And how come it's so hard? / It's not always easy and / Sometimes life can be deceiving / I'll tell you one thing / It's always better when we're together"

Food: Upscale Buffet
Buffets are cost-efficient, and when done well, won't force your guests to stand in line all night.

Planning Strategy: Delegation
ESTJs have an incredibly clear vision of the way things should be, so you naturally fall into leadership roles. Once you've devised efficient systems and a plan for action, you'll delegate various planning responsibilities to those around you best suited to tackle them.

Bachelorette Party: Disney World
Theme parks are a dream world for ESTJs. Someone hand you a map. In no time, your optimum time-management and navigation skills will have routed out the entire trip, and you won't miss a single parade.

Guest Party Favors: Embroidered Monogrammed Napkins
Sure, an ementpbroidered linen napkin is a wonderfully handy and gorgeous keepsake, but would you really go through the trouble of monogramming a napkin for every one of your guests? You ESTJs haven't blinked, because you've already figured out how to do it with minimum trouble.

Dessert: Floral Wedding Cakes
Beautiful and popular—just like an ESTJ bride, d'awww. You've done your research to know what's in season and, most importantly, what's not poisonous.

Venue: Beach
Sunset is at 6:12. Got it. The detail-oriented ESTJ will be ready.

What to Register For: The Ultimate Wedding Registry List
We thought of everything, so—for once—you don't have to!

ESFJ, “The Loyal Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Leona Watters; Flower by Getty

Generous ESFJs love cooperation and are poster children for "people persons." How does that translate to a wedding? "They’re probably going to do something that’s more socially acceptable and more traditional to keep everyone happy," says Rains. "They care that everyone likes their dresses. They’re going to approach decisions like, 'Is everybody else in harmony with the decisions I’m making?'" ESFJs are also extremely organized and implement decisions very quickly to accomplish their goals on the path of least resistance.

Wedding Dress: Classic
Conscientious ESFJs prefer the established, as opposed to venturing into uncharted territory. These more traditional dresses (that are still anything but boring!) garner them the social acceptance they crave, while allowing them to strongly display their opinions.

First Dance Song: "Tenerife Sea" by Ed Sheeran
Loyalty, even in the smallest of matters, is of the utmost importance to ESFJs. Their strong desire to be liked and for overall pleasantness propels them to be highly supportive of others. You'll never feel better about yourself than when you're around an ESFJ, and Sheeran's sentiments express that perfectly. ("Should this be the last thing I see / I want you to know it's enough for me / 'Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need")

Food: Comfort Food
As warmhearted, down-to-earth individuals who value security, how could an ESFJ not serve comfort food?

Planning Strategy: Ask the Vendors
As someone who takes satisfaction in the happiness of others, you'll take control while being sensitive to the advice and concerns of the integral, but oft-overlooked parties involved in your wedding day.

Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas
It seems kinda crazy to send some of the kindest, most generous souls to Vegas, but there are plenty of things to do in the sin city that are far from salacious—spas, the Grand Canyon, educational museums, for crying out loud! And, if you want to toss some dice why you're there too, have at it!

Guest Party Favors: Mini Olive Oils
Nice EVOO, used for baking or cooking or bread-dipping, is practical and guaranteed to satisfy the masses.

Dessert: Tiered-Cake
You may opt for a traditionally-tiered cake, but you'll take care to craft something far from ho-hum.

Venue: Hometown Church or Public Center
Given ESFJs's intense attachments to their communities, many will probably decide to celebrate in a space that's accessible and meaningful to most of those in attendance.

What to Register For: Target's Project 62
Shop that affordable convenience that speaks to an ESFJ's soul.

ENFJ, “The Expressive Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Marchesa; Flower by Getty

Make like Madonna and express yourself. ENJFs want their weddings to be a form of self-expression," says Rains. "But they also like to be people who help other people, by inspiring them to be the best they can be." The N in your type will want to do something different and new, but you'll be sure everyone around you feels supported the whole way through.

Wedding Dress: Lace
The creative freedom surrounding lace (think about all that delicate intricacy!) is unbridled, which translates to very bridal for ENFJs.

First Dance Song: "Love" by Musiq
Talking about that N again, ENFJs enjoy the figurative and the poetic. They appreciate Musiq's song about the abstract of "love" in addition to the literal affection for his partner.

Food: Stations
As we've noted before, "Wedding food stations are one of our favorite ways to inject some whimsy and personality into your reception menu."

Planning Strategy: Facebook Group
Your special talent is bringing out the best in others, so join our BRIDES to Brides Facebook group! ENFJs have superior people skills, and a warm, responsive, empathetic nature. You'll be stoked to help other brides with their needs, and find your own inspiration in turn.

Bachelorette Party: Napa Valley Wine Tour
As great listeners who are highly attuned to the emotions of others, a spill-fest (we're talking feelings, not alcohol) with your best friends is the ideal bach.

Guest Party Favors: Homemade Jam
Oh, hot damn. This is your jam—something standout that you as a couple love, and that may inspire others to come up with their own defining recipe.

Dessert: Dessert Bar
Our resident ENFJ-on-staff recently wrote about her love of this personality-stuffed alternative to the traditional wedding-cake stand.

Venue: Vineyard
ENFJs, always looking to lift the spirits of those around them, can do so easily surrounded by scenic landscape and flowing wine.

What to Register For: Entertaining Items
Always the hostess with the most-est, ENFJs have a strong need to maintain their close intimate relationships. They'll be well-served by these home items designed for serving others.

ENTJ, “The Executive Bride”

Elizabeth Cooney; Dress by Jenny Packham; Flower by Getty

Hello, boss bride! "ENTJs are very strategic-minded," says Rains, of your frank and decisive disposition. "They're usually a a little more sarcastic in their humor. They'll choose to express themselves as a couple at their weddings, and they aren’t as concerned that everyone is happy with their decisions." As natural-born leaders, you guys are just waiting to come across an obstacle to be surmounted. Wedding planning is your battlefield, and you will emerge victorious!

Wedding Dress: Metallic
Your dynamic presence demands a dress that's simultaneously glamorous, edgy, and unapologetically you.

First Dance Song:The Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel
Your nuanced, and admittedly sometimes thorny, sense of humor plays out loud and clear in a song with lyrics like, "The book of love is long and boring / No one can lift the damn thing."

Food: Mistake-Free Menu
ENTJs cannot abide inefficiency or easily-avoided mishaps.

Planning Strategy: Oversee a Planner
An ENTJ finds few things as satisfying as lively, demanding conversation. She'll respect her planner's expert opinions, but will obviously wield the final stamp of approval herself.

Bachelorette Party: Caribbean
Racking up all-inclusive deals in order to capitalize on your tropical escape requires comprehensive and long-term planning by a well-informed and well-read front runner. (Yes, ENTJs, we're talking about you.)

Guest Party Favors: Edible
Cost-effective and well-received, an ENTJ could put her corporate mindset to good use here.

Dessert: Naked Cake
Keep your flavorless fondant. Leave it to an ENTJ to produce the largest statement with the littlest of resources.

Venue: Rainbow Room
Is the venue exclusive? Ultra-difficult-to-get? But, one of the best out there? You ENTJs do love a challenge.

What to Register For: Cash
When it comes to stocking their lives, sorry not sorry, but an ENTJ knows how to do it best. Stay in charge where you belong by requesting that cash money.

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