How to Perfect Your Blonde Hair Before Your Wedding Day

Bride and groom embracing each other on their wedding day

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Blondes have more fun, right? Well, we're still putting that theory to the test—though we can absolutely confirm that going blonde and maintaining a light color requires some extra TLC. When it comes to your big day, it's all about choosing not only a dress, but also beauty options and wedding hair that best reflects who you are. And if you're a blonde, then you'll definitely want to stay that way; Your spouse probably won't recognize you gliding down the altar if you completely change your hair! But you can absolutely take your blonde hair color up a notch—it's your day after all and you want to feel extra beautiful. There are some steps to take to get there, and you'll want to plan so that your tresses are absolutely flawless on your big day.

When the stars want the best color, they call on Ryan Pearl. Hailey Baldwin, Rumer Willis, and model Georgia Fowler are just some of the beauties he's styled over the past few months. To figure out all things blonde for your nuptials, we tapped Pearl for advice.

It's All About Timing

"I usually tell clients to get their hair colored a couple of weeks before the big day," advises Pearl. "It needs time to settle." This also gives you time to get in at least two deep conditioning sessions, so your hair will be at its absolute softest and shiniest for your ceremony.

Align Your Color With Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

You want to make sure that you're basing your color off of the hairstyle you're choosing for your big day. "For example, think about how you're parting your hair and whether or not you're pulling it up into an updo or chignon," recommends Pearl. "Make sure to have highlights placed around the perimeter of the head, so you have an even distribution of blonde throughout the hair."

Avoid Anything Drastic

"Don't do anything too drastic with your color," suggests Pearl. "Keep it simple! Don't try to go blonder or darker: do what you know looks good on you." We couldn't agree more! This is a time where you should feel amazing, not insecure about your wedding hair choice.

Curly Hair Can Go Deeper at the Roots

When you're a girl with curly hair, it's all about keeping depth at the root. Pearl's advice on what to do with the rest of your coils? "Have lighter bits of blonde ran throughout." Done.

Clean and Trim Hairlines Are Vital for Shorter 'Dos

"With shorter styles, make sure the hairline is nice and bright," adds Pearl. "This is especially important for brides-to-be who are wearing the hair all back."

Extensions Can Be an Option

You'll want to make sure that you have your color done first before applying any extensions. "Next, have them matched to your hair," directs Pearl. "And have your colorist tweak the tone of extensions if needed."

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