This Is the Part None of Your Wedding Guests Are Looking Forward To

You might want to strike this from your day-of timeline

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Sorry wedding guests—the bride and groom can't please everyone. Even after you've spent months agonizing over every tiny detail to make your big day special and unique, there are bound to be some guests with gripes. While it won't do anything to detract from your special day, we asked real wedding guests what they thought the worst part of weddings were. Take it or leave it, brides-to-be!

"To me there's nothing worse than long lines at the bars. When you have to wait a long time for a refill, you spend a lot of time out of party mode and off the dance floor so it kind of kills the vibe." —TM

"Speeches. I know they're special, but they are supposed to be toasts to the bride or groom, not really long-winded stories about the history of their friendship or relationship together. It takes up so much time that could have been spent celebrating. Short and sweet toasts are the way to go." —JM

"I think cheesy bridal party entrances have got to go. When I first saw them I thought it was fun and unique and got the party started, but now that I've seen them at nearly every wedding, I think they should become a thing of the past. There's only so many ways one can think of to make an entrance, and it's not about their entrance either." —PH

"Travel time! It's so frustrating when you try to do the right thing and go to the church or ceremony site, and then have four, five or six hours to kill before the reception. I know that the couple and bridal party often use this time for photos and stuff, but any guest that isn't involved is left with a ton of time to kill and it sort of ruins it for me." —HM

"Honestly, for me, figuring out what to wear is the worst part. I'm not in the habit of getting dressed up often, so when I have to get dressed up for a wedding I always worry about what style of dress to wear, if I will be over or underdressed, or how to fit in to a specific dress code." —SG

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"One thing I can't stand (and that I paid careful attention to for my own wedding) was the timing of the events within the reception. I hate when there is too much time between dancing sets, and not enough time on the dance floor—like when the party just gets started and then it's time to eat, and then it's time for speeches, etc." —CC

"Nobody can really control this, but sometimes the staff at the venue can make or break the event. At my own wedding, there was a cold, hurried waitress that kept clearing plates and glasses from people who were not finished and it was frustrating." —EM

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