A Wedding Guestbook Idea We Love: The Time Capsule

Updated 04/01/15

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Instead of traditional guest book, more and more couples are getting creative with ways to invite their guests to sign in. One of our favorites is the wedding time capsule, where guests are invited to write notes and messages to the newlyweds for them to read on future wedding anniversaries. You can ask them to share whatever they'd like, or you could display a sign or have notecards printed with prompts, like favorite memories of the bride and groom, advice for married life, or predictions for the next 10 (or 20!) years. It's also a great way to include guests who aren't able to attend the wedding to participate in the festivities.

Messages in a Bottle (above): Display several bottles labeled with future wedding anniversaries; ask your guests to write messages on sheets of paper, roll them up, and then slip them into a bottle to be read on that date.

One-Year Anniversary Time Capsule: This couple invited guests to write notes on the back of postcards for them to read on their one-year anniversary (to be enjoyed with with a celebratory bottle of Veuve, of course!).

"Messages in a Bottle" Display Rack: This couple had a similar idea — instead of a guest book, they asked guests to pen notes to be read on future anniversaries, corresponding with the number on the bottle.

Anniversary Messages in Organic Wine Carafes: For this wine-loving couple's nuptials, they displayed organically shaped wine carafes and labeled them with different anniversaries. Then, they instructed guests to write a piece of advice to the couple that corresponded to the anniversary they wanted them to read it on.

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Anniversary Piñata: If you're having a more casual, whimsical wedding, make a colorful piñata in your wedding colors and display it at the reception; ask guests to write notes and slip them inside, then you and your husband can bust into the piñata on your one-year anniversary to read all the sweet messages.

Book: At their reception, this couple placed notebooks on tables with different questions for guests to answer and pass around, including "Describe a fun $20 date" and "Where do you see us in 25 year?" Everyone's written (or perhaps illustrated!) responses will be memories you both will cherish for years to come.

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