Wedding Guest Makes Demanding Vegan Meal Request

The bride is not having it

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For many guests, the menu can be one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. If the food is good, you'll remember; If the food is bad, you'll definitely remember. And while the quality of the meal could make or break guests' opinions of the nuptials, do they reserve the right to be picky on your special day? One wedding guest sure thinks so.

A bride recently turned to Facebook's "That's it, I'm wedding shaming" group to share a shocking RSVP she received in the mail. “Received this on the back of an RSVP invite for a wedding with a buffet dinner.. tacky?" wrote the bride per The Sun. She followed the caption with a photo of the note.

It seems the guest took it upon herself to write her vegan meal request on the back of the RSVP card. "Large salad bowl of mixed greens, sliced grape tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion," read the note. "Olive oil (lots) on the side please. Lemon juice if possible."

Courtesy of The Sun

The bride went on to explain that this guest was already told about the vegan options that will be available at the reception. "Prior to sending out the invites, she was made aware that salad would be served and that cheese would be served separately,” the bride wrote alongside the picture.

The bride was quickly supported by other members of the Facebook group, receiving over 1,500 likes and hundreds of comments in just a week.

One user commented, “There's nothing wrong with stating she needs a vegan meal but it's a bit strange to make up her own meal and in great detail.” Another user slammed the rude request and told the bride to “charge her for the special request salad, and don't have any lemons.”

On the other hand, some users actually took the guest's side claiming that asking for a simple salad is not unreasonable. “It sounds like she's making an elaborate request but really all she's asking for is the most basic house salad ever,” argued one user. “I’d rather not be invited to a wedding if you’re not willing to accommodate me,” wrote another.

For guests with dietary restrictions, there is a polite way to inform the bride and groom of your needs—and this is not one of them. Instead of penning the request, unwarranted, on the back of an RSVP, consider a quick phone call inquiring about the options.

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