True Life: A Wedding Guest Tried to Steal My Thunder

Updated 10/02/15

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The day you and your beloved say your vows should be your day — but unfortunately, not everyone gets the memo! These brides share true stories of guests trying to steal their own wedding-day thunder.

"My wedding was a small, casual affair — men in jeans, women in sundresses. I wore a pretty white peasant dress with an asymmetrical hem (this was the 70s). A friend of mine showed up in a long white dress prettier than mine. She looked like a bride. I couldn't believe it." —Gail

"My maid of honor had just suffered a horrible breakup. She was by my side during the ceremony, but sobbing loudly into Kleenex. Her bawling nearly drowned out my 'I do!'" —Kathy

"Someone — we never found out who — stole a bunch of our wedding giftsbefore we opened them" —Lynn

"An aunt I've never liked cemented my feelings toward her by spilling her vodka tonic all over my gown! I smelled like a distillery for most of the reception." —Barb

"During his toast, my husband's cousin announced he was getting a divorce." —Lori

"A bridesmaid and a groomsman developed a flirtation and wound up taking over a stall in the ladies room to noisily have a make-out session. Word spread and it was all anyone talked about for the rest of the night." —Sheila

"This wasn't on purpose but my best friend stepped on the front of my gown and ripped it off at the knees." —Beth

"After the ceremony, while chatting to people, my friend's service dog got under my dress, howled for a while, then just wagged every time someone came over to congratulate me." —Helen

"While walking down the aisle, the flower girl threw up." —Sara

"My cousin, who was featured on American Idol as one of the awful contestants, grabbed the microphone and serenaded my poor wedding guests, not to mention my husband and me, with a tone-deaf rendition of 'Everlasting Love.'" —Tami

"No one stole my thunder — but a guest stole my husband. His friend from work attended and two years later he walked out to marry her." —Caitlin

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