5 People You Shouldn't Invite to Your Wedding

Updated 04/09/14

Photo: Erich McVey

It's your wedding and you can invite who you want to — seriously! Whether you're having a tough time narrowing down the guest list or are on the fence regarding a certain friend or family member, we're breaking down which people you shouldn't feel pressured to invite.

Your Friend's Of-the-Moment Boy Toy: With the average cost of a wedding creeping up to nearly $30,000, offering a plus one to every guest might not be in your budget. If this is the case, it's okay to ask your single friends to come sans date. Be sure to ask your fiancé to play by the same rules. This way all of the stag guests will have plenty of people to talk and dance with throughout the night — and who knows, maybe they'll make a new love connection!

Any Of Your Exes: This is just asking for trouble — even if you think you and your fiancé are okay with it. Inviting former flames can cause some super awkward moments. For example, what if your ex asks you to dance or your new hubby's former girl gets too close for comfort? Or worst case scenario: One of them objected to your marriage! Eek!

Your Bestie's Kid: Obviously, you love that little bundle of joy, but a fussy baby or toddler isn't fun for anyone at a wedding — mom included. Politely ask your guests to leave their kids at home. You could also hire a wedding sitter (or two or three) to watch any tots that will be attending your wedding during the ceremony and afterward.

Your Family Members You Hardly Know: If you've only even met Aunt Sandra from your dad's side once in your entire life, then you shouldn't feel obligated to send her an invite. (Though it's a different story if your pops is paying and he requests she attends.)

Your Childhood BFF You're Not Close To Anymore: She was a huge part of your life growing up, but you've drifted apart. If you've more or less lost touch besides the occasional Facebook message, don't feel bad about leaving her off the guest list.

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