6 Clever Ideas for Your Wedding Gift Table

Amy Arrington Photography

A gift table is a necessary part of any wedding décor — after all, guests have traveled near and far to celebrate your big day, and most will come baring a congratulatory card or present. Creating a designated area for your friends and family to leave their gifts is important, but it's best to make this spot blend seamlessly into your overall reception space. A small table near your table assignments (with a receptacle for cards and space for any tangible gifts) will do the trick, but consider an out-of-the-box idea for a more creative take on the necessity.

For couple's who prefer to make this part of the reception actually feel like décor, we found six great ideas that will transform your wedding gift table into a fresh display.

Gift Wagon (above): Fall weddings beg for rustic details. This antique wagon was painted and transformed into a clever gift table for an outdoor bash.

Vintage Ballot Box: Consider finding or renting a vintage item. This couple found an antique ballot box at Something Borrowed, a Portland-based antique retailer, that was the ideal size for cards and perfectly complemented their barn-themed wedding.

Charity Maurer Photography 2013

Decorative Glass Box: A decorative box, like this shabby-chic painted glass option, is a pretty pick for your gift table.

Ornate Birdcage: It couldn't be easier for guests to slip their cards through the bars of this pretty birdcage. Complete with a floral sign and bird accents, this antique piece blends seamlessly into the décor.

Photo: Diana Lupa

Fairy Tale-Inspired Chariot: For a fairy tale-inspired wedding, nothing could be more perfect than this chariot gift table. Adorned with baby's breath and a hand-calligraphed sign, this pretty table surely drew eyes all evening long.

Photo: Julie Marowski Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Terrarium: Trendy succulents and terrariums have been making a big splash in the wedding world, so it's no surprise they've finally made their way to the gift table, too. This detail feels thoughtful and intentional, plus it's a great way to tie in your overall floral décor.

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