How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Deciding what flowers you will have at your wedding is no easy feat. From figuring out what will look best at your venue to what's in season to determining your floral style (Romantic and loose? Traditional and tidy? Artsy and minimalist?), it's a decision that can be daunting. So if you want a little help with direction for your florist but are still stuck on what some of your star flowers are going to be (aka the flowers that are used throughout your ceremony and reception), why not look to the stars to help you decide? That's right, maybe a little insight from your zodiac can help you make some of those bouquet and centerpiece decisions.

Aries: Poppy

People born under this sign are known to be fiery and bold, much like the bright and daring poppy flower. Just as you may be known to be a little wild at times, the poppy does it's own thing, often growing wildly and without abandon in fields. Their meandering stems always look like they're trying to escape whatever arrangement they're in, but they make perfect additions in a bouquet or centerpiece as they always add a little movement.

Taurus: Dahlia

A Taurus loves nothing more than beauty and luxury, and there's nothing like the abundance of petals and often generous sizing (dinner plate dahlias can grow to be as big as your head!) to encapsulate this star sign's personality. Dahlias are best cultivated in the fall, but beautiful varieties exist pretty much all year.

Gemini: Double Tulip

The sign of the twins, Geminis always have two personalities within them. As such, the lush and full double tulip (named because of the number of petals they have—more than twice as many as what you think of for a normal tulip) makes for a perfect complement to the Gemini—they are two-sided. They may look like a normal tulip before they've opened, but upon opening, they unfurl to look similar to a peony.

Cancer: Hyacinth

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Much like the delicate hyacinth, Cancers are sweet and sensitive. Blue hyacinths represent sincerity, something you are all too familiar with. These flowers work best as an accent flower, but can also look beautiful on their own in a centerpiece or bouquet in mono-fleur fashion, so that they aren't overshadowed by showier blooms.

Leo: King Protea

Bold, confident, competitive Leos love to be in the spotlight—just like the standalone King Protea flower. This large and sculptural bloom works best alone in an arrangement with perhaps a couple of pieces of greenery, but it's uniqueness and sheer size make it hard for any other flower to outshine or compete with it (Leo's know all about that!).

Virgo: Lily of the Valley

We couldn't think of a better match for detail-oriented and hyper-organized Virgo than a neat and tidy lily of the valley. This classic wedding flower is often used solo in bouquets—their sweet little buds are otherwise overpowered by other flowers and will disappear completely.

Libra: Peony

Libras love nothing more than for everyone to be happy (being the sign of the scales, they want everything to be fair and equal), and no flower is quite so universally crowd-pleasing as the peony. And peonies, which are often face flowers, tend to balance a bouquet out when used in moderation!

Scorpio: Garden Rose

Scorpios are known for their mysteriousness, but also their magnetism—and much like a rose, they can hurt you with an unexpected prick when you least expect it (Scorpio's are the scorpion after all, known to pack a punch if you get on their bad side). We love garden roses for their classically pleasing fullness, but there are many rose varieties (and some with less thorns!) to choose from.

Sagittarius: Bougainvillea

Sagittarius is known for being happy, cheerful, and very ambitious. Brightly colored bougainvillea are just that, and their ambitiousness as a flower means they spread and grow like crazy, regardless of the terrain. Add some wisps to an all-white bouquet or add in some stems to an already brightly colored and tropical bouquet.

Capricorn: Hellebore

Hardy hellebores (also known as Lenten roses) are also known to be tenacious fighters, blooming when there is still snow on the ground. Caps are known to be similarly hard-working—symbolized by a mountain goat—and are often very career-oriented. Hellebores have come into popularity as of late, and work well alongside almost any other flower or on their own for a delicate, sweet bouquet.

Aquarius: Japanese Magnolia

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Aquarians are known to be avant-garde, individualistic, and independent. Japanese magnolias are large and showy blooms that are often displayed in big arrangements on tall branches—hard to miss and hard to mix—making these guys just as individualistic as Aquarians.

Pisces: Sweet Pea

Demure and delicate-natured people who are born under this fish sign are often a little dreamy and floaty, off in their own world. Sweet peas are soft and similarly delicate, and smell just as sweet as those born under Pisces behave!

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