Floral Wedding Trend: Long Ribbon Bouquets

Updated 10/01/14

Kristen Lynne Photography

There's just something so romantic about a lush arrangement of flowers finished with a trail of flowing ribbon. It's also a great way to incorporate pops of color into your bouquet design — you can use multiple strands of the same spool of ribbon, which creates a very elegant and cohesive look, or opt for a variety of ribbons in different complementary shades, textures, and fabrics to create something a bit more whimsical and unexpected. But whatever you decide, the long ribbon bouquet is sure to be dramatic and sophisticated.

Here are our favorite ways to pull off this ultra-pretty floral trend.

Laurel McConnell Photography

1. These vibrant coral-pink bouquets combine garden roses and poppies and are tied with coordinating ribbons that cascade past the knees.

Anne Robert

2. Florist Holly Chapple created this lush, rustic bouquet featuring a trail of mix-and-match ribbons.

Eric Kelley Photography

3. We love the romantic combination of cream flowers (how perfect are those clematises?!), fresh greenery, and dip-dyed blue silk ribbons.

Tara McMullen Photography

4. This cream-and-yellow bouquet is so elegant and sophisticated, not to mention how romantic the yellow ribbons are, fluttering in the breeze.

Avec L'amour Photography

5. Complement a lush, blush-pink bouquet with multiple strands of satin ribbons in shades of champagne and dusty rose.

Jose Villa

6. The extra-long cream-colored ribbons look so elegant against the bridesmaids' solid-color, floor-length dresses.

Jose Villa

7. Ask your florist to use a variety of ribbons in different textures and materials to create a wonderfully layered ribbon cascade.

Jose Villa

8. Create a sense of drama with a cascade of ribbons that trail all the way down to the floor.

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