What Is Proper Wedding Etiquette for Sending Thank-You Notes for Our Engagement Presents?

The short answer: Get those thank-yous out A.S.A.P

Updated 01/26/17

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While most gifts will come closer to or immediately after your wedding date, there’s a chance at least a few people will send you engagement presents earlier on in the process. After all, it’s an exciting time that’s worth celebrating! If you do receive gifts from a friend or family member in honor of your engagement, should you send out a thank you note immediately, or wait to include it with a thank you for your wedding gift? Here’s what our experts have to say.

The best way to stay on top of your thank you notes is to write the note as soon as you’ve received and opened the present. Sure, it might mean sending the note out before your wedding has even taken place, but it also means you won’t lose track of who gave you what or whether you’ve sent the card out at all. Just change your message to read “We can’t wait to celebrate with you!” instead of “We’re so glad you came!”, and you’re in business!

The same goes for any engagement gifts you receive. Instead of waiting until after your wedding (which could be months away!), acknowledge the gift soon so your guest knows it made it in one piece. You may want to wait to break out your stationery with your new monogram (since it isn’t your monogram yet!), but it's easy enough to purchase generic thank you cards or get cards with just your first names on them for a personalized touch.

Sending out a thank you early also saves you from any uncomfortable assumptions. Yes, a gift received so soon after your engagement is probably not meant to be a wedding gift, but you won’t know if the guest plans to give you another gift for your actual wedding until that gift arrives. So instead of waiting months and months to thank them for a gift just in case they send another, send a thank you early, and order extra stationery so you can send a second card if needed later.

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