Etiquette 101: When Is It Okay to Send Online Invitations?

Ashley Buzzy

Weddings are one of the few events where people still go through the process of designing, assembling, and mailing printed invitations. It's an age-old tradition that may not be the most efficient way to communicate, but it still has a sense of nostalgia and formality that really lends itself to the event at hand. After all, there's something so special about walking into a friend's home and seeing your wedding invitation hanging on their fridge! But, you can't argue with the ease or convenience of email invitations. They're quick, affordable, and can be just as show-stopping as their printed counterparts. So when, exactly, is it appropriate to send an online invitation instead of the real thing? Our experts weigh in.

Online invitations can save you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle, but that shouldn't outweigh the personal touch of going with paper for your actual wedding invitation. Pre- and post-wedding events, however, are a whole different story. Whether it's a bridal brunch with your ten closest friends, a weekend bachelorette party in Tulum, or the specifics of your post-wedding brunch, a well-designed digital invitation is 100% acceptable. Many e-vite sites offer built-in RSVP functions, space for guests to include a note to the sender (anything from dietary restrictions to travel plans), and designs that will still reflect your wedding theme — while emphasizing the slightly more casual atmosphere. When you're only sending out a dozen invites — instead of the 150 you ordered for your wedding — the cost of a printed invitation can be really prohibitive. With an online invitation, you can spend anywhere from absolutely nothing to a few dollars per person, and still keep things on the budget-friendly side.

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One thing you shouldn't do? Send an email over an actual "evite." It's an invitation, after all, so you'll want to put together something slightly more formal than what you'd send if you wanted to meet for lunch or grab a drink after work.

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