11 Colored Wedding Dresses You Can Wear Other Than White

Stand out in a sea of white

Bride in Pink Floral Wedding Dress

Photo by Cambria Grace

It's about time brides colored outside the lines. White wedding dresses will never not dominate the bridal runways and wedding aisles, but more and more brides are taking on the rainbow with fanciful frocks in an array of saturated shades. From blush, champagne, and even bold blues, colorful wedding dresses add a touch of personality and tons of modernity to an old-school tradition and prove to be a serious standout in a sea of white. But with only the racks upon racks of ivory-colored gowns you see in most bridal boutiques, it's often even more difficult a task to say yes to the colorful dress than it is normally. That's why we rounded up a slew of vivid, graphic gowns brides can buy right now.

Beautiful wedding dress colors
Jessica Olah/Brides 

When it comes to frocks in shades other than white, ivory, cream, and the like (yawn...), these are some of our favorite haute hues. Here, are 11 untraditional, colorful wedding gowns you can purchase now and cross that item right off your checklist.

Champagne Wedding Dress

Grace Loves Lace Liberty Wedding Dress
Courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

What always pairs perfectly with celebrations? Champagne! Toast the night with a wedding dress in an elegant champagne or light golden hue that's demure and elegant enough for a formal wedding, yet still fresh and oh-so-special. (Liberty wedding dress, $4,500, Grace Loves Lace)

Ombré Wedding Dress

Etsy Dip-Dyed Lace Wedding Dress
Courtesy of Truvelle

Find a happy medium between the classic white wedding dress and a modern bold color by opting for an ombré or dip-dyed gown. (Taylor dip-dyed lace wedding dress, $1,786, Truvelle available on Etsy)

A "Something Blue" Wedding Dress

Oleg Cassini Blue Wedding Dress
Courtesy of David's Bridal

Cross two items off of your never-ending to-do list with an on-trend blue-hued wedding dress. Stick with a wispy, baby blue shade for a vibe that's effortlessly romantic. (Illusion lace long-sleeve sheath wedding dress, $1,058, Oleg Cassini available at David's Bridal)

Blush Wedding Dress

BHLDN Blush Wedding Dress Separates
Courtesy of BHLDN

Time to channel Pretty in Pink! No longer a controversial choice, blush is now a popular wedding dress color for brides everywhere. And being that the barely-there pink shade is universally flattering and undeniably feminine, it's not hard to see why. (Laurel cami and Effie skirt, $85 and $965, BHLDN)

Black Wedding Dress

Etsy Black Tulle Wedding Dress
Courtesy of Sweet Caroline Styles

For fearless brides only! Way over the opposite end of the color spectrum, a black wedding dress couldn't be anymore untraditional, but you'd be hard pressed to find one more fashion-forward. Sarah Jessica Parker even wore one to her 1997 nuptials. (Iris tulle wrap skirt, $800, Sweet Caroline Styles available on Etsy)

Dusty Rose Wedding Dress

BHLDN Vandra Wedding Dress
Courtesy of BHDLN

Perfect for ethereal, fairy-tale nuptials, a dusty rose is a definite head-turner. A wedding dress in this daintily distinctive tint is both chic and romantic. (Vandra dress, $800, BHLDN)

Silver Wedding Dress

Parker Black Lynn Dress
Courtesy of Revolve

A sleek, silvery shade is close enough to white to please your more conservative soon-to-be mother-in-law, yet is markedly modern thanks to the dose of metallic. (Lynn dress, $798, Parker Black available at Revolve)

Purple Wedding Dress

White by Vera Wang Strapless Floral Wedding Dress
Courtesy of David's Bridal

A soft lavender or lilac oozes femininity, modernity, and whimsy. (Strapless floral wedding dress, $1,000, White by Vera Wang available at David's Bridal)

Green Wedding Dress

Ieena for Mac Duggal Plunging Neck Ballgown
Courtesy of Nordstrom

An exquisite emerald color commands attention and is opulent enough for a formal black-tie affair. (Plunging sweetheart-neck ballgown, $398, Ieena for Mac Duggal available at Nordstrom)

Dove-Gray Wedding Dress

Grey Wedding Dress
Courtesy of Anna Skoblikova

Soft and smoky, this shade is a subtle shift from the conventional. (Gray wedding dress, $580, Anna Skoblikova available on Etsy)

Yellow Wedding Dress

Yellow Etsy Wedding Dress Separates
Courtesy of Sweet Caroline Styles

Arguably, there's no color happier than a sunny yellow shade and isn't this supposed to be the happiest day of your life, after all?! (Florence wedding dress separates, $1,250, Sweet Caroline Styles available on Etsy)

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