5 Tips for Getting the Most Volume out of Your Wedding Day Hair

Danielle Rose Cook

Beautiful volume is really the key to wedding-perfect hair! Whether you're planning an updo or wearing your hair down, that salon-quality oomph matters more than you think. You don't want your carefully tousled waves to fall flat by the time you're new husband is twirling you around the dance floor, do you? And those braids you pinned for months? You want them to look full, not stringy. Everyone knows the secret to a great updo is volume, volume, volume.

With the help of our friends at Sexy Hair, we've put together five easy tips to make sure you have the bounce and movement you need on your big day—even if you're planning a beachside ceremony complete with an ocean breeze.

1. Cut It Out

It should be no surprise that the beginning of any good hairstyle is a good haircut. And while the exact length and technique to get the most volume out of hair depends on your individual hair type and head shape, in general, when it comes to volume, layers are your friends!

2. Clean Slate

Even the bounciest of hairstyles can fall flat if they get weighed down from dirt, oil, and product build-up, so use a clarifying shampoo that gets rid of build-up and only apply your conditioner from the middle of the hair to the ends to avoid the risk of the conditioner weighing down your roots.

3. Dry, Dry Baby

How you blow-dry your hair will make or break the volume factor, so start out drying with your head upside down until the hair is sixty percent dry (this employs the technique stylists call misdirection, making the hair go in the opposite direction of where it will end up, to create more volume). Then, flip your head back up to finish drying and use a round brush on the top section of the hair. Start at the ends and roll the brush all the way to the scalp. Let the brush cool completely before unrolling to get that professional blowout-worthy volume at the crown. Another great tip? Once the hair is dry, roll each section from end to root onto Velcro rollers and leave them in place until completely cooled (aka while you get all prettied up by your makeup artist).

wedding hair
Erich McVey

4. Be a Tease

While teasing, or backcombing, can often conjure up visions of rat's nests, if done correctly teasing is integral to getting volume where you need it! Here's how to do it right: First, section off the very top portion of your hair all the way around the head, and clip it aside. Then, working with half-inch sections of hair, spray each one with a texturizing product (we love Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder) and pull it tight. Using a boar bristle teasing brush (not a teasing comb), gently brush against the grain, toward the root, using short strokes. Then, unclip the top layer and smooth it over the tease, making sure you cover it, without flattening it.

5. To Have and to Hold

Keyword: Hold! You don't want all your work to be in vain, so a volumizing hairspray, like Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray, is key to keeping it all in place and achieving that full Hollywood siren look. It helps lock your style and volume in place, but without any of the stickiness or crunchiness of traditional hairsprays, so you have natural movement to your style. Worrying about the wind on your wedding day? You can forget it with this hairspray; it's literally been put through a hurricane simulator to prove hairstyles can endure anything! Don't believe us? Just check out the video below.

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