6 Life-Saving Items Every Bride Needs to Solve a Wedding-Day Emergency

Updated 04/14/14

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It's unfortunate, but true: Accidents are bound to happen even on your wedding day — especially when it comes to your pristine, gorgeous white dress. Luckily, most brides say that the little mishaps didn't even make a dent on their big day, but it's always better to be prepared. So, if a tiny drop of red wine somehow lands right onto the front of your dress before you take pictures or if you suffer a wardrobe malfunction, you'll be able to take care of the situation ASAP! Vi Hoang, designer of bridal line Dolly Pearl, shares six life-savers every bride should have handy on her wedding day in case the unthinkable somehow does happen ...

1. Emergency sewing kit with needle, thread, and scissors: "In case you have any tears or rips in your dress — let's say the hem got caught in your heel or your bustle breaks — having thread and a needle can quickly fix the problem," explains Hoang. Also make sure to keep a miniature pair of scissors in your kit, which will make any sewing jobs that much easier.

2. Safety Pins: Safety pins are essential in case a detail on a dress falls off and it needs to be secured back on or you have a sudden zipper malfunction.

3.Double-Sided Tape: "I've seen one too many brides and bridesmaids who were having too much fun (as they should have been!), and the potential for a 'slip' was very high," says Hoang. "Double-sided tape keeps your dresses in intact in places that should never be exposed and gives you confidence to bust out your boldest dance moves."

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4. Make Up For Ever Micro Finish Powder: "This is one of my favorite products out on the beauty market. Naturally you would use it to blot lightly on your face to combat shine and mattify skin," says Hoang. "What a lot of people don't know, however, is that this particular powder also removes oil or grease stains on fabric. It works like magic. Just dust it onto the stain and then blot it out with a tissue or cloth."

5. Tide-to-Go Instant Stain Remover: "This is one of the best inventions ever and I always have it on hand," says Hoang. "Simply swipe the marker on the stain and it disappears almost instantly."

6. Band-Aid: Last, but not least, don't forget to throw a few Band-Aids into your kit, especially if you're still breaking in new shoes. Stick one on as soon as you feel a pinch to prevent blisters from forming later in the night.

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