The Best New Jersey Dance Studios for Your First Dance Prep

Dance lessons are in the cards for you and your fiancé

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If the last move you conquered was the Macarena and all your favorite choreography is stolen from Baby in “Dirty Dancing,” then maybe your steps need a bit of a refresher. No one will judge you if you are tempted to bust out the dab the first time you dance with your husband in public, but if you’re looking for something a bit more old school, then dance lessons are in the cards for you two. These New Jersey professionals will make sure that you and your man look completely comfortable as you twirl and dip for the first time as husband and wife. The dance floor is not ready for you!

Arthur Murray Dance Centers
The company, which has been teaching its students how to boogie for nearly 100 year at its numerous franchises globally, has a handful of studios in the Garden State. New students always get their first lesson free, so you can test the waters before fully diving right in to learn a classic dance like the waltz or the tango. Arthur Murray teaches nearly a dozen styles of dance, so if you’re looking to perfect your rumba or your swing, the teachers will have you giving Cheryl Burke a run for her money in no time.

Just One Dance
The entertainment company specializes in Latin and ballroom lessons, so get ready to work on your salsa and your merengue moves! Instructors at the studio will work with you and your fiancé to develop a personalized choreographed dance that will wow your guests. (Now’s your chance to do that lift, Swayze-style!) In addition to dance lessons, the company also offers DJ and MC services for your reception that will have your guests shaking their hips, no liquid courage needed.

Ballroom Dance of NJ
Waited until the last minute to learn how to hoof it? Don’t panic! The organization offers a number of wedding programs, including its compressed four-week program to ensure your entire wedding party is on beat at the reception. With a slate of classes that includes customized choreography for a couple, father-daughter or mother-son dance, not a single person will be out of step.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio
It’s little wonder that a company named after one of the greatest dancers of all time knows what it’s doing. Fred Astaire excels at honing on exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish at your reception--whether it’s a flash mob or a Lindy hop to rival every Gap ad you’ve ever seen. The company’s wedding program is customized to your needs, which can include just some help for you as a duo, or your entire wedding party if some of your nearest and dearest need some help in the cha-cha department.

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