A Wedding Code of Conduct You Might Want to Share with Your Guests

It's just a friendly reminder not to screw up your big day

Updated 04/26/18

As the wedding pressure begins to mount on your shoulders, possibly making you feel a tad bit anxious and nervous about the big day right around the corner, you might start to scratch your head thinking about all the people and things that are about to come together to make your wedding special. While most of the “things” are handled by professional wedding vendors, the people aren’t, and because of that, you might start to question how the whole day will play out.

Which is why you might consider creating a wedding code of conduct, that you share with your guests before they arrive, so they know how you expect them to behave ahead of time.

Here’s an example of what to include in your wedding code of conduct so that you can make sure your guests are all on board with the wedding of your dreams

Dear Guest,

With our wedding right around the corner, we wanted to reach out and extend my upmost appreciation that you’re taking the time to spend the weekend with us. We’ve been dreaming of this day for quite some time and we can’t believe it’s finally here. Before you arrive and delight in the endless food and dance the night away on the dance floor, we put together a wedding code of conduct that we’d like to share with all of our guests:

1. Keep Your Clothes On

If your wedding has a certain dress code, remind your guests of that in the code of conduct. Let them know that the party will be Black Tie or formal, or Black Tie optional, with clear guidelines of what that means. You might also want to remind guests that even if they get a little too drunk and rowdy that you’d still like them to make a good effort to keep their clothes on, resisting the temptation to whip their shirt off on the dance floor and use their tie as a prop.

2. Drink Responsibly at the Open Bar

An open bar can sometimes bring out the worst in people, especially if they don’t know how to cut themselves off. Give your guests a friendly reminder to drink responsibly and that if they plan to drink at all, to leave their car keys at home and find an alternative mode of travel (whether a ride sharing app or the transportation you might be providing).

3. Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated

If you know there are some guests who have issues with other guests and drama might break out, you can include a mention that your wedding isn’t the place that the drama should be brought back up to the surface. You can even remind them to stay mature and treat the other person the way they’d want to be treated at a public event, that’s supposed to be celebrating their mutual loved on.

4. Remember the Reason

Let your guests know that while your wedding is a party, it’s also a celebration that will forever last in your memory, so keep it a positive one, no matter what.

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