Wedding Ceremony Outline: How to Plan the Order of Events

Here's the basic outline of a wedding ceremony

Phil Chester

Creating your own unique wedding ceremony outline? Fantastic! There's no better way to really personalize your exchange of vows than to hand pick the elements of the ceremony. But figuring out where to start and how to order the events can be daunting! No matter the religion, rituals, or readings you choose, most wedding ceremonies follow the same basic outline. To help you get started, here's a general wedding ceremony outline that you can use to build your wedding from the ground up.

1. The Welcome

Once all the guests are seated and you've both arrived at the altar, your officiant will welcome your guests and thank them for joining you. This could be brief, or could lead into a longer excerpt that tells the story of your relationship and describes how you ended up standing at the altar together.

2. The Readings

Either grouped together or interspersed between your officiant's address (which might take a moment to explain the meaning of each reading), your wedding ceremony readings are pages from a favorite book, song lyrics, religious passages, or any other text that you choose to have shared. Look for readings that help support what marriage means to the two of you, or reflect something valuable about your relationship.

3. The Vows

If there's one part of the ceremony that should hold the most meaning, this is it. Whether you write your own vows together, use traditional phrases, or choose to surprise one another at the altar, these are the promises you make to one another that you intend to keep for your lifetime.

4. The Rings

Wedding bands are a symbol of the vows you've just shared. They are often exchanged as you say something along the lines of "I take you to be my husband/wife..." and can be seen as the final lines and acceptance of your vows.

5. The Pronouncement

Your officiant might follow up your vows with closing remarks, or you might go straight from the ring exchange to being formally pronounced a married couple.

6. The Kiss!

The moment you've been waiting for! The grand finale of the marriage ceremony outline is that magical lip lock. Seal your wedding vows with a kiss, then it's time to head back up the aisle and get the party started.

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