An Affordable Centerpiece Idea We Love: Bud Vase Arrangements

Carrie Patterson Photography

There are countless reasons why you should consider a mix of bud vase centerpieces for your reception décor. Chief among them? They're both budget friendly and incredibly pretty. They're a particularly favorable option for couples that are looking to host a more laid-back reception or don't love the look of towering florals. And, when done right, bud vase centerpieces can be perfectly formal and an ideal addition to your big day.

So whether you're looking to scale back on your floral budget or just want a look that feels slightly less traditional, you're sure to love these pretty, low styles. Here, we share six of our favorite ways to create these lovely little centerpieces.

An Eclectic Mix

Mix lots of simple, clear glassware, like in the option seen above, with plenty of colors for a look that feels fresh but still entirely elegant. Find vessels of different sizes all with a similar vibe and combine different flowers in the same family of colors — this option features dahlias, eucalyptus, and hydrangea in shades of burgundy, white, and green.

Photo: Clary Pfeiffer

Modern Metallics

To keep your look simple yet elegant consider mixing pretty metallic bud vases with lots of bright votive candles. This bold, yet affordable mix includes a bright orange ranunculus and lots of deep greenery.

Photo: Jasmine Lee Photography

Rustic Chic

Bud vase centerpieces work great with rustic décor. Stack a few vases on a cut wood round and mix colors of glassware and flowers for a relaxed vibe.

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Photo: Jason Hales Photography

Eye-Catching Metallics

For something more statement-making, select eye-catching metallic bud vases and go bold with your color choices. Here, bright coral peonies are accented with punchy crespedia and orange ranunculus. The typically pricey peony works here since you'll only need one per arrangement.

Photo: Lara Hotz Photography

Simple and Bright

These pink arrangements pop against the classic white-and-beige table setting. Since the overall palette is neutral, the small bud vases really stand out without overpowering the rest of the décor.

Photo: Red, White, & Green Photography

Romantic and Vintage

To add a vintage feel to your big day, select teacups and other assorted low kitchenware in place of classic bud vases. You'll achieve the same look with a little something extra to make your décor feel special.

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