The Best Spa Facial for a Wedding Day Glow

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Depending on the skin issues you want to tackle before your wedding, you usually have to pick a lane when it comes to facials. Either you go the squeezy, painful, de-clogging route, or you go the glowy, moisturizing, plumping route.

But what if you could get both? A deep pore cleansing/extraction and a little skin-softening? And what if, in the same session, you could get also get light microdermabrasion to gently sand away sun damage?

Enter HydraFacial MD, a crazy-quick combo-pack treatment that does all that and then some—without leaving you with "facial face" (read: blotchy, raw and unsuitable for public viewing).

The Facial

There are four main steps in every HydraFacial MD, some of which are scary-sounding but totally aren't scary all: 1) Cleansing and Exfoliation, 2) Acid Peel, 3) Vortex-Extraction, and 4) Vortex Fusion. There are also a few add-ons that you can tack on to your session as needed.

So what's with the "Vortex" jazz? It's actually a device that first siphons off the gunk and oil lodged in your pores (Vortex Extraction), then pounds in skin-plumping hyaluronic acid (Vortex Fusion). And if you're used to squirming and gripping the table during a typical facial extraction, you'll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, HydaFacial is pretty much pain-free, although, during the Acid Peel portion of the program, you may experience minor "stingling." (That's facial-speak for the middle ground between tingling and stinging.)

The Fine Print

HydraFacial MD is available nationwide—visit the website's locator to find a spa or derm near you. While the average cost is $169, the cost varies by provider and can climb to $300 with add-ons. For optimal results, the company recommends two treatments spaced two weeks apart, followed by monthly maintenance.

The Verdict

This is an affordable way to get your skin in prime shape for your wedding, with virtually no discomfort or post-treatment downtime. Post-HydraFacial, your skin will look amazing for days. Like gaze-in-the-magnifying-mirror amazing. You'll be left counting the days until your next treatment.

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