What All Brides Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions


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Long, luxe eyelashes can completely transform your look. Brightening your eyes, voluminous fringed lashes can make your peepers appear larger and more awake, and instantly glam up your appearance. So it makes sense that more and more brides are considering eyelash extensions before their weddings and honeymoons, as opposed to gluing on a set of disposable lashes.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are tiny, individual faux mink or silk lashes that are meticulously applied to your own natural lashes with a safe adhesive. As opposed to disposable daily strip lashes or individual lashes, when applied properly, eyelash extensions can last two to three weeks with proper care and maintenance.

As with any cosmetic endeavor, it's important to know the ins and outs of the process before determining if eyelash extensions are right for you. To be prepped and primed for your first eyelash extension experience, here's all you need to know courtesy of lash expert Christine Pring-Nieves.

Meet the Expert

Christine Pring-Nieves is a beauty expert and formerly worked at EC Beauty Studio in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The Cost

Lash extension costs vary based on region, studio, desired look, if it is a full set or a fill-in, and the level of expertise of the professional. Where Pring-Nieves is based in Hoboken, NJ, they charge $150 for a classic individual full set, $175 for a hybrid which is both individual and volume lashes, and $100 for a fill-in.

The Ideal Client

Aside from those with allergies to adhesives or seasonal allergies that cause watery and itchy eyes, nearly everyone can experience lash extensions. Pring-Nieves explains the ideal clients are working professionals who want to save time in the morning, people who don’t have a lot of lashes and want them to appear fuller, and brides especially.

"Extensions provide that extra confidence booster for our brides," notes Pring-Nieves. "For the amount of picture-taking between bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and the big day, it gives that extra something and makes every event just a little more memorable." Even after their wedding day, brides will still benefit from eyelash extensions during their honeymoon when they can splash and swim, sans mascara.

Wedding Prep

If you're planning on getting eyelash extensions for your wedding day, proper planning is key to ensuring you're happy with the results. That may include playing with different looks and getting the timing just right. "There are several looks that can be achieved with lash extensions, including a natural look, cat eye, or hybrid, which consists of both individual and volume lashes," Pring-Nieves says, adding that a bride should absolutely do a trial.

Pring-Nieves recommends a bride head to the studio two weeks before their wedding date to determine their favorite look, and then a fill-in appointment can be scheduled for shortly before the wedding.


Lash extensions require little maintenance and can last up to three weeks before a fill-in appointment is necessary. "I always educate my clients on how to clean them daily, to stay away from oil-based products, and not to wear waterproof mascara," says Pring-Nieves. If and when the time comes that the extensions are no longer wanted, she strongly recommends that the client returns to the studio for proper removal, and warns against picking, cutting, or any other attempts at removing the lashes yourself.

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