6 Illustrated Wedding Bar Signs That Make Perfect Cocktail Roadmaps

Updated 07/26/16

Julie Paisley Photography

Looking for a creative way to customize your wedding cocktail hour? Decorate your wedding bar with a drink menu featuring clever illustrations of each beverage. These six awesome examples of wedding bar signs with drawings will get you inspired about your own.

Signature Cocktails (above): This couple created two signature cocktails and had the drinks illustrated on a chalkboard sign: The Mrs. (lavender lemonade with Tito's vodka) and The Mr. (Jameson and Coke).

Displayed on an Easel: For a more elegant look, choose a watercolor-painted and calligraphed drink menu to display at the reception.

Photo: Lefty Lady Chalk Shop

Wooden Sign: If rustic is more your style, have an illustrator hand-letter and draw each signature drink onto a slice of wood.

Photo: Tec Petaja

Banner: Instead of a typical sign, this whimsical menu is designed as a banner and is draped across the front of the bar so guests can easily have a look.

Glassware: This chic bar sign features clever illustrations depicting the different glasses used for each beverage.

Photo: Megan Mehan

Ingredients: This couple displayed an illustrated cocktail menu that outlined the key ingredients in each of their signature drinks.

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