Is it Taboo to Wear Black to a Wedding?

Updated 09/20/16

Wedding dress codes are often a point of contention. What exactly does "creative cocktail attire" mean, anyway? And while you know never to wear white, once you've navigated the dress code, choosing what you will wear can be hard — especially if your go-to formal outfit is a Little Black Dress. But wait... is wearing black to a wedding really taboo? Our experts weigh in.

Good news! While wearing black to a wedding was long considered a bad move, it's no longer looked upon with disdain. In fact, black can often be a really great option for wedding-day attire. It's sleek and timeless, and with the right accessories, it can be the perfect fit as a wedding guest. It's also a great way to look appropriate without stealing any attention from the bride. So wear that Little Black Dress!

Of course, no matter what color you're wearing, make sure the dress you choose still fits the dress code. A black mini dress isn't appropriate for a black tie wedding. Instead, opt for a floor-length gown with unique details and luxe fabrics that fit the formal celebration. If the dress code is cocktail attire, you can wear a shorter silhouette but should still seek out fancier embellishments. And of course, a black dress is a great opportunity to accessorize! Add some personality with colorful shoes or statement jewelry.

Things to avoid when choosing a Little Black Dress? Overly casual fabrics like jersey, super-revealing necklines, too-tight silhouettes, and teeny-weeny skirts are no-no's. It's a wedding, not a bachelorette weekend in Vegas!

So while you may want to consider something light and colorful for, say, a morning wedding in a garden, chances are there's a black dress that would be just the thing for your next stint as a wedding guest.

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