We Ask Wednesday: Real Brides Share Their Something Blue

Blue candles at a wedding reception

Photo by Kate Osborne Photography

If there's one centuries-old tradition that isn't going away any time soon, it's brides having a "something blue." After all, this color represents loyalty and love's purity, so why not make it part of your wedding day? It can be tough to find that perfect blue detail, so as part of our weekly "We Ask Wednesday" series, we asked real brides to share what they chose. From details that held sentimental value to details that were lighthearted and fun, these brides are sure to inspire you. See the rest of the responses on Facebook and Instagram.

My husband and I had each member of our immediate family write a word down that described us as a couple. I then had them written in calligraphy on blue silk ribbons and wrapped around my bouquet. They were so very meaningful and stunning! —@Heather Jeanne

My @manoloblahnikhq heels! —@abbyoliverrr

My great grandfather’s Knights of Columbus sash wrapped around my bouquet 💙 @gabbearr

Mine was on a handkerchief that my group of girlfriends pass on to each other when the next one of us gets married. It was also my something borrowed @tracy.gutierrez24

I have a blue velvet blazer from @nastygal that I'm gonna wear over my reception dress @katelynnansari

I had the word “Always” embroidered on the inside of my dress' train using blue thread. —@nkyser

I will have blue French tips on my nails. #imalupusfighter💜💜💜💜 @kwatkins72

My partner and I lost our baby son last year, my something blue will be a piece of blue ribbon from one of his baby blankets attached to a locket on my bouquet...I’m also having our three initials embroidered onto my wedding veil in blue. @bees_a_gooden

I carried a bride and groom Smurfs figurine in my bouquet in honor of where I met my husband (Brussels, Belgium, origin of The Smurf’s) @kh_martinez_

I had a scrap of my childhood “blankie” sewn into the lining of my wedding gown! @pegpluscat

My mum dressed in blue on my wedding day.. She was my something blue. @jessicasglen

I used a blue seashell. It was my something blue and something borrowed. (Borrowed from the ocean, returned it on my honeymoon) @mrs.keown

Tiffany blue converse with my new last name stitched on the back 👟—@jennaaamurph

A sapphire ring my father gave my mom the day I was born! @madeline_falcone

My garter 👰🏼💙—@taylorleeyall

My blue sapphire engagement ring @girl_on_wire

My Dad passed away almost 10 years ago and so I won’t be able to have him give me away 😢I saved his favorite western shirt that is light blue with a petite floral print. I am having a heart ❤️ shape cut out of his shirt and sewn into the inside of my dress. Making him a part of my big day in a special way 👰🏻—@brenilee

My bridesmaids wore navy blue dresses so my girls were my something blue! @carolynfathe

I stitched a little blue “B” (for my new last name) into my bridal undies! @carrie__baldwin

A piece of my grandfather's sock, cut into the shape of a heart, sewn into the bottom of my dress 💙—@mrsjaclynadams

My something blue was a quartz crown with two blue stones 💎—@_colinswife

My something blue was the ring pillow. Which also doubled as my something old and borrowed, it was my in-laws' from their wedding 😺—@caitlin_ashleyyy

My something blue was the gemstone in a bracelet my mum had given me as a teenager. I didn’t tell her I was planning on wearing it until I put it on on the day @laurab11017

I got married last spring. And that morning @starbucks happen to give me a blue spring cup. I considered that my blue. It was cool. @ashleefrazier

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