6 Epic Ways to Pull Off a Doughnut Wall at Your Wedding

Doughnut Wall

Photo by Alea Lovely Photography

More and more couples are ditching the classic white wedding cake, opting for other nontraditional yet still delectable desserts like homemade pies, cupcakes, cake pops, and even giant Rice Krispies treats stacked like a cake. The latest wedding-dessert trend? The doughnut wall. That’s right—because nothing is sweeter than an entire wall decked out with doughnuts.

The doughy treats are affordable, easy to serve, and you can offer guests a variety of flavors (glazed, old fashioned, sprinkles, etc.). Not to mention, doughnuts are simply downright adorable. And while you can certainly serve donuts instead of cake altogether, you could also offer donuts as a part of a larger dessert-table spread. (Hey, where dessert’s concerned, we say the more the merrier.)

Bonus: Doughnut walls can also double as reception décor. Just think of the Instagram potential. So if you’re planning a wedding, consider skipping the photo booth and just have your guests pose for pics in front of the doughnut wall.

There are all sorts of ways to blow your guests away with this delicious dessert craze—check out six of our favorite doughnut wall variations to help inspire your own.

Doughnut Puns (Above)

I mean, c’mon—a doughnut wall is just begging for a good pun. Some other good ones we’ve seen: “Donut you want one?” “Donut leave me hangin’,” “Donut worry, be happy,” and “Donut stop, won’t stop.”

Pink donut wall
Photo by Marianne Taylor Photography

Pink Doughnut Wall

Your guests will be tickled pink the moment they set foot into the reception hall and get a glimpse of this whimsical wall of doughnuts. This large, tabletop display features small pegs to hang each doughnut from.

Rustic donut wall
Photo by Jamie Jones Photography

Rustic Doughnut Wall

If you’re getting married in a more rustic venue like a farm or barn, then DIY a similar plywood doughnut wall and leave it unfinished for a rough-hewn look. Hang your favorite doughnut varieties from rows of pegs and don’t forget the gold alphabet balloons.

Shelves of donuts
Photo by The Grovers Photography

Shelves of Doughnuts

Or, instead of on pegs, display all of your favorite doughnuts on wooden shelves and invite guests to help themselves. Be sure to include pretty menu signs, like these calligraphed banners, describing the different flavors.

Flower girl standing in front of donut wall
Courtesy of Rebecca Ciacchi

“Donuts Are Our Love Language”

To make your doughnut wall stand out even more, decorate your display with garlands of greenery and helium-filled balloons with greenery tails.

Ombre donut wall
Photo by Sara Hasstedt Photography

Ombré Doughnut Wall

Turn your doughnut wall into a modern work of art by opting for glazed doughnuts on a gradient of subtle ombré shades.

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