The Cutest Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Ceremony

Lacie Hansen

Looking for ways to include your dog in your wedding ceremony? Whether you and your fiancé share a pet or you can't even dream of getting married in front of all your friends and family without your trusted childhood pet by your side, there are plenty of ways to include your pet in wedding. Just check out the sweet and creative ways these couples incorporated their dogs into their own big days.

With the Flower Girls (above): The couple's florist designed a double garland to decorate the dog's leash so that both flower girls could help walk the pup down the aisle.

Photo by KT Merry

With the Ring Bearers: If your pups are on the smaller side, recruit your ring bearers to carry them down the ceremony aisle.

Photo by Amber Vickery Photography

Sign Bearer: Before you make your grand entrance, have your pooch walk down the aisle wearing a sign announcing your arrival.

Photo by Revival Photography

Dog of Honor: This crafty bride painted and sewed this burlap "Dog of Honor" bandana for their pup to wear during the ceremony.

Photo by Melissa Fuller

Ceremony Processional: Instead of walking in separately, why not enter the ceremony arm-in-arm with your groom and your pets, together as a family?

Photo by Feather & Twine Photography

With the Wedding Party: If your dog is up for it, have your pooch sit or stand up with the bridesmaids or groomsmen during the ceremony — that way, your guests will get a good look at your sweet pet.

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