Ways to Honor Your Grandparents at Your Wedding

Grams and Gramps will be so touched

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If you’re lucky enough to have your grandmother, grandfather, or both grandparents present at your wedding, that alone is cause for celebration. If you’d like to ensure they stand out a bit more on your special day, there are plenty of ways to show your love and appreciation of your grandmother and grandfather. Here are our favorites.

A Special Dance

For most couples, first dances and parent dances are a given. But why not grab your grandparents for an extra-special spin on the dance floor too? Or, you can let them both share a special couple's dance in the spotlight, in celebration of their love for each another, as well as you. Not only will it take them back in time, but it’s a great opportunity to create lasting memories you’ll cherish forever. (It also makes for a great photo op!) Bonus points if you play their own wedding song!


Technically, your grandparents started it all. A cute and subtle way to pay homage to Grandma and Grandpa could be by placing photos from their own wedding day on a special table or mantle within your celebration space. Paired with photos from your parents’ and in-laws’ weddings as well, it’s a special way to show family weddings through the generations, and it adds an extra-personal touch to your decor.

If you’re still in need of something borrowed or something blue, we’re sure that Grandma would be honored to share a vintage piece of jewelry, handkerchief, or other items of sentimental value.

Flower Grandma and Ring Bearer Grandpa

By now, we’ve all seen the viral stories and photos of having adorable grandparents reverse roles and serve as flower girls or ring bearers for their grandchildren. (Why didn’t we think of this earlier!?) By having them in such special roles, you’ll add a heartwarming aspect to your ceremony while enabling them to stand out and have their own special moment walking down the aisle.


Regardless of style or religious affiliation, couples always have the opportunity to have special guests speak or do a reading at their marriage ceremony. Instead of letting the officiant, a friend, or an uncle do all the talking, why not ask your grandparents? Perhaps they have a favorite poem or prayer they’d like to dedicate to you or would like to share a quick anecdote. Work with them to select the perfect piece, and they’ll make a personal and memorable addition to your ceremony while feeling extremely honored at the same time.

Dress Them to the Nines

You’re not the only one who needs to look good on your big day! As the wedding approaches, head out shopping with your grandparents to ensure they have the perfect wedding-day ensemble. (Add in a special lunch break too to make the day extra festive and momentous.) Then, honor them on the day itself by completing their look with a beautiful corsage or boutonniere.

You may even consider having your grandma join the rest of your bridal party on the morning of if she’d love to have some glam time with the girls.

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