Fabulously Fun Ways to Incorporate Glitter Into Your Wedding

Add some serious sparkle in the most sophisticated way!

Updated 12/16/16

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Your wedding gown isn’t the only thing that should shine bright on your big day! Subtle touches of glitter incorporated throughout your entire wedding design can take your décor (and photos) up a notch if done tastefully.

Here are a bunch of fun ways to add some serious sparkle in the most sophisticated way possible to your plans.

Because why shouldn’t your booze sparkle too? Modge podge loose glitter on to the base of wine or champagne flutes for your head table or for your wedding party, offers Samantha Gieseke, owner of Plan Our Day Houston. “Simply tape off the stem at the base, apply glue, sprinkle glitter and let dry. Then apply modge podge over the top to ensure it stays. It's an easy way to dress up the head table with pre-set glasses,” she says. As for the bar, you can dust fruit with edible glitter and use it to garnish specialty cocktails. “For example, roll a strawberry in some glitter (make sure it's edible!) and place it on the rim of your champagne flute.”

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As we mentioned above, a little sparkle looks great on fresh fruit and not just in drinks either. Have your caterer throw some edible glitter dust on food items or desserts of any kind, suggests wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner. “You can also freeze it into ice cubes!”

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Spruce up plain votives by wrapping their base with glitter tape or ribbon for a fun touch of sparkle on your tablescape, recommends Gieseke. Glitter ribbon to tie up table napkins or your bridesmaid bouquets (leave some extra trailing down!) is another chic and easy idea, says wedding planner Miranda Tassi of Chancey Charm Charlotte.

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If your venue/rentals allow it, add glitter to the tops of your tables at the cocktail hour lounge area, proposes wedding planner Lauren Weidley of Chancey Charm San Diego. Want to forgo the mess or bypass windy weather outside? Try sparkly linens instead, advises Tassi. “Whether for all of the tables, half of the tables or just the head table.” A glitter runner with candles on farm tables is a great way to mix rustic and glam design, notes Krystel Tien, owner & founder of Elle Bridal Boutique & Couture Events in San Diego.

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Paper Items
Line the edge of thick stationery with some sparkle or incorporate an all glitter envelope into your invitation suite, suggests Tassi. BTW, “Envelopes.com has the best glitter envelopes that don't get glitter everywhere on your guests.” Place cards could also be done in fine glitter or even just a small floral design on each card accentuated with sparkle, points out Weidley.

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Bridesmaid Dresses
Whether you’re having a New Year’s Eve wedding or just want to add some shimmer to your wedding pictures, glittery bridesmaids gowns or flower girl dresses are definitely the way to go. We particularly love this look in gold! Ashley Smith, a San Francisco based destination wedding planner and founder of BuzzWorthy Events, says a glittery outfit change after dinner is another fun idea.

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Glitter Balloons
Glitter plus balloons equals a whole lot of fun without the mess to clean up afterward. Think a dramatic balloon drop or even a glitter balloon ceiling, recommends Smith. “Metallic confetti can be fun too, but use with caution.”

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