These Have to Be the Prettiest Bridal Gown Dressing Rooms We've Ever Seen

Wayfair and Kleinfeld have teamed up for the ultimate dressing room makeover—and to give you $1,000!

Edward Caruso

What happens when one of our favorite wedding registry programs, Wayfair, teams up with the iconic Kleinfeld Bridal (home of Say Yes to the Dress, everyone's favorite binge-worthy bridal show)? A dressing room makeover that takes the [wedding] cake! Wayfair and Kleinfeld Bridal have completely revamped the wedding dress boutique's VIP dressing rooms. And, as part of the collaboration, brides can enter for a chance to win $1,000 at Wayfair! Ready to see these fabulous fitting rooms?


Photo Courtesy of Wayfair


Edward Caruso

Gorgeous, right? These stunning spaces look right at home at the iconic bridal boutique. "At Kleinfeld, we want to make every bride feel like the only bride," explains Jennette Kruszka, director of marketing and PR at Kleinfeld Bridal. "We search the world to curate the largest and best selection of designer wedding dresses with a dedicated staff that provides one-on-one attention and creates a memorable shopping experience for the bride and her guests." And apparently, that memorable shopping experience starts in the dressing room! It is where you'll likely say yes to the dress, after all!

"Prior to the VIP dressing room refresh with Wayfair Registry, the spaces were simple and functional with solid colors and few accessories to keep the focus on the bride," Kruszka says of Kleinfeld's previous fitting rooms. "The new seating, area rugs, and wall art from Wayfair Registry create a comfortable space in calming color combinations."

Working with the pre-existing color scheme of the walls, the Wayfair Registry team added in furniture and accessories that elevated the dressing rooms. Even the mirror got a facelift, getting replaced with an elegant gold-framed version. Complimentary abstract lavender and gold paintings and a rug warm up the spaces and serve as the perfect backdrops for the VIP rooms!

"The most important elements when updating the design of the dressing rooms was sourcing the right size and style of furniture to compliment the look of the store as well as maximize the space to comfortably fit a bride—in a wedding dress!—plus three guests," explains Kruszka. "Given Wayfair Registry’s endless selection, we could find just the right pieces to create dazzling yet balanced spaces that still keep the focus on the bride."

Are these not the prettiest dressing rooms you've ever seen?! If you're as obsessed with them as we are, you can find all the decor details for purchase on Wayfair. (What a perfect way to spend your $1,000 prize, no?) Enter here for a chance to win $1,000 at Wayfair, and then shop the spaces below.

Edward Caruso

Edward Caruso

Edward Caruso

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