4 Tips for Cry-Proofing Your Wedding-Day Makeup

Corbin Gurkin

You may not be able to predict the weather on your wedding day, but there is one thing you can definitely count on: tears (of joy). Now, if you'll shed a few drops or go all-out waterworks probably depends on whether you're the type who cries over abandoned animal commercials (actually, that would be all of us!), but you might just surprise yourself. Either way, emoting at some point during your celebration is like a rite of passage for every bride, so just go with it. There is however one small problem those sobs can produce: streaky makeup. To keep you from capturing mascara tracks in your wedding snaps, we asked makeup pro, Laura Geller to weigh in on the benefits of wearing waterproof formulas.

Take the insurance policy — for your face

"Wearing waterproof makeup will give you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day," says Geller. You can dance the night away knowing your makeup will stay put, and you'll look as perfect in those wee-hour photos as you did in the ones taken at the beginning of the night, she says. The other benefit to waterproof formulas is they require fewer touchups.

Read and reread the labels

There is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant formulas. "Waterproof makeup will go the distance long after guests leave," says Geller. "It's the most resistant to heat, humidity, and tears; water-resistant [formulas] provide protection, but not as much as waterproof formulas," she says.

Go for a test run

Even if you're applying your own makeup the day of your wedding, give yourself a trial well beforehand so you can try out the product shades and formulas. The last thing you want is to experiment right before walking down the aisle. "Always start with a clean face," says Geller. "Having to remove makeup can irritate skin, and if there's any leftover residue, your makeup won't set as easily," she says.

Don't skimp on the necessities

If you simply cannot forgo all your favorite products, the one thing you should not go without is waterproof mascara, says Geller. The other must, if you're an eye shadow devotee, is Laura Geller Waterproof Eye Spackle, $23. This little wonder makes any eye shadow (and eyeliner) waterproof at the click of a pen. Just apply and blend it before your eye makeup.

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