25 Pretty Reasons to Pick a Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Updated 07/26/14

Courtesy of Julie Song Ink

What comes before the big "I do"? Saying "yes!" — to an invitation, that is! If you're looking for a style that's classic yet modern, formal yet playful, and entirely original, then we give you watercolor wedding invitations.

We're obsessed with each and every one of these 25 gorgeous watercolor invitations — and we know you'll love them too. For one, they're totally timeless. We gave each invite the 20 year test, meaning would we still love this 20 years from now? The answers were always absolutely thanks to the soft coloring, light and airy fonts, and delicate details.

Not into something so dreamy and feminine? There are plenty of modern watercolor styles, from graphic designs to bold stripes.

We also love how seamlessly watercolor invites suit a destination wedding. Whether you select an ombre option that mimics the ocean or a colorful sunset, or go for a custom-made suite painted to represent your specific locale — we found stunning stationery options that are nothing less than a work of art.

Ready to pick a watercolor invitation? Get inspired by our favorite takes on the new stationery style.

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