WATCH: Jason Sudeikis Asks Fiancé Olivia Wilde Some Very Personal Questions (Including If She's "Dipped in the Lady Pond")

Leave it to Jason Sudeikis to make his fiancé totally flustered — on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live no less!

When Olivia Wilde stepped into the clubhouse last night, she had no idea what was in store for her. The actress and mom to son Otis was naturally taken aback when Sudeikis appeared on a screen during Cohen's famed game "Plead the Fifth" and asked some deeply personal questions. First, he asked (with a pretty creepy wink): "What's the wildest place you've done the deed."

Then he goes for it: "Olivia, you've played a bisexual character more than once, have you ever dipped into the lady pond in real life?" Naturally, Wilde blushed and screamed "Oh my god," a few times, before giving a very diplomatic answer: "I mean, I appreciate all people." With an ambiguous response like that, Cohen delcares: "I think that you absolutely have dipped into the lady pond. I will accept that as a yes."

Speaking of Wilde's multiple bi-sexual roles, when prompted for her best on-screen kiss with a woman, she answered: "I have kissed a lot of ladies. I've been so lucky, so many wonderful, beautiful actresses," Wilde said. "I will say, when we were doing The O.C., I really thought we were doing the responsible thing by showing two young, sweet girls in a real relationship — not just having a sorority girl happy makeout... I do think that it represented an alternative lifestyle for young women that I don't think had been represented enough in young, soapy drama. So Mischa [Barton], two thumbs-up!"

After that the interrogation took an adorable turn. When Sudeikis asked his bride-to-be what she would change about him, she responded "nothing," before answering that he folds his shirts too perfectly. How cute!

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