How to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly, According to Experts

But only if your state allows it.

CBD wedding

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Adult recreational marijuana use has now been legalized in 19 states and Washington, D.C. With the continuous rise of legalization per state, more people are now incorporating cannabis into their daily lives. Dr. Stacia Woodcock, PharmD, a dispensary manager at Curaleaf, tells Brides, "People have increasingly turned to cannabis to relax and alleviate anxiety, and cannabis in any product form has become a popular alternative to alcohol."

With marijuana use becoming more accepted in certain states, wedding professionals are also making it known to their clients that they are “cannabis-friendly". Meaning, that they're comfortable helping clients incorporate marijuana into decor, food, and drinks. Though some people are still getting used to the idea of marijuana consumption, there have been several innovative ways on how people can creatively add cannabis to their nuptials.

We spoke to a few experts who gave us three options on how to have a weed-friendly wedding. But before you dive in, remember that cannabis isn't legalized everywhere, and it's important to follow the rules of the state you plan you get married in.

Cannabis Infused Drinks

“For couples who want to incorporate cannabis into their wedding, and live in a state where cannabis is legal for adult use, drinkables are a great option. Beverages are the fastest-growing segment in the cannabis industry, as they offer a similarly social alternative to alcohol," says Dr. Woodcock.

While most weddings serve alcohol, some couples aren't big drinkers and only provide a bar for their guests. Thus, for those looking for an alternative to wine and champagne, certain brands are now offering THC-infused beverages. For example, Curaleaf provides a THC-infused beverage enhancer called Select Squeeze. Dr. Woodcock reveals that it can be "mixed into any drink and allows for customized dosing, so guests who are over 21 can personalize their experience."

Cannabis "Bar"

If you haven't heard of the term "budtender" (the cannabis equivalent to a bartender), we're sure you'll start to hear it more as marijuana at events become popular. Couples now have the option to provide an additional bar service at their wedding, one that strictly serves cannabis. Photographer Leah Moyers, who has worked on several weed-friendly weddings, confirmed that couples often provide a weed bar for guests—complete with a "budtender" to offer guidance.

Niki McDonald, founder of Love and Marij, takes it a step further by providing couples with a directory of weed-friendly vendors that offer discounts and wedding packages for marijuana bars. She also has a list of recommended cannabis products, and has even started a cannabis wedding registry service.

Cannabis Decor

Chas Thompson, founder of Wildflower Portland, is well-practiced in incorporating cannabis leaves and flowers into her custom designs. She says, “More than anything, being cannabis-friendly creates a space for open dialogue. The joy in my job is knowing my couples can talk to me about the ‘taboo’ and that together we can collaborate on a vision that is honest to them.” Not to mention, she finds that potential clients perceive her use of the marijuana plant to be creative and forward-thinking. “A majority of my couples come to me wanting something unique, and because I am cannabis-friendly they wonder, what else can she do? The answer is, a lot!” explains Thompson.

There are even companies that offer paper goods, like invitations, made from cannabis and hemp leaves. One vendor being Peterkin Premium Paper, which creates wedding invitations made with cannabis and real hemp fibers. For couples looking for a subtle way to use cannabis, this is a great option!

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