This Volleyball Proposal Literally Knocked the Bride Off Her Feet

It's sure to be memorable

Updated 11/15/18

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Here's one way to sweep your bride off her feet!

Instead of taking the traditional route—proposing in front of a scenic backdrop or a sentimental locale—a man from Nebraska chose to pop the question by sneaking up behind his girlfriend during her volleyball game. While the entire execution could have used some better planning, the result, discovered by Buzzfeed, was both comical and very sweet.

The 60-second viral clip shows the bride-to-be, Jenna, front and center on the court, focusing on her volleyball game. After a few plays, her boyfriend, Kyle Pierce, appears in the background of the video, planning to sneak up on his girlfriend and surprise her with his romantic gesture. Unfortunately, Jenna had her game face on and was not about to get distracted by anything. So when the ball shot to the back of the room, Jenna sprinted to get it, running head first into Pierce and falling over.

Jenna immediately realized she had ran into her boyfriend and began smiling as Pierce helped her to her feet. Then Pierce got down on one knee and proceeded to ask her the inaudible big question, as Jenna's teammates and family looked on from the court.

While it may not have been the most smooth proposal, it was certainly sweet. The groom-to-be clearly saw the humor in the moment, uploading the clip to Facebook two weeks ago; it's already amassed over 13,000 views in the short time.

Moral of the story? Don't get in Jenna's way during a volleyball game.

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