Video Shows Meghan Markle's Baby Kicking During Public Appearance

So sweet!

Yui Mok - PA Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby has yet to arrive (any day now!), but as it turns out, the royal-to-be has been making his presence known for quite some time.

A newly resurfaced video from fan account @harry_meghan_updates appears to show the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby kicking his or her mommy’s stomach.

The footage comes from Markle’s visit to the National Theatre in London at the end of January 2019 after Queen Elizabeth II named her royal patron of the iconic landmark.

Shot from the side and zoomed in on her belly—which was on full display in Meghan’s form-fitting blush pink Brandon Maxwell dress—the clip appears to show some very solid evidence of movement.

Karwai Tang

In fact, look close enough and you just might make out a little foot—or hand?— making its way across her midsection!

It's not the first time fans have gotten excited over a potential kick: In December 2018, a video of the Duchess pausing to take a breath and cradle her bump during a surprise appearance had the internet theorizing that she had felt her very active baby moving around.

The former actress, 37, who plans to keep the plans around the arrival of her first child “private,” could welcome the baby at any moment.

Not only did Meghan reportedly tell a fan that her “due date is around April,” her loved ones have also been dropping some pretty solid hints that we’ll soon be celebrating a new addition to the family.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, for instance, announced on Monday, April 15, that they would be embarking for a trip to Germany on May 7. With a close relationship between the couple and Meghan and Harry, they’ll likely wait to depart until after they’ve met their soon-to-be grandson.

Meghan’s pal and makeup artist, Daniel Martin, who is currently in London, also hinted at Baby Sussex's impending birth, announcing to fans on Instagram that he’d be returning to the states on May 5. If his friend has any mind to use his services to get photo-ready following her child’s birth (a popular fan theory), she’d have to do so before Martin makes the trip back.

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