A Wedding Guest Was Shamed for Preparing Her Own Vegan Meals

The internet is divided over the behavior.

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When it comes to wedding guest etiquette, there are a few basic rules. You probably shouldn't skip your pal’s ceremony to party it up at the reception, or ignore a bride and groom's request to leave the kids at home, for instance. The latest case of wedding guest shaming to go viral, however, has left the Internet divided. The guest in question? The bride's college roommate who brought her own vegan meal to the reception.

According to Fox News, a bride’s old college roomie is taking some heat in the Facebook group “That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming” for doing her own vegan meal prep.

Though the poster claimed to be “cool” with veganism and the guest’s desire to save money on pricier, meat-based food options at the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and reception she apparently took issue with the woman's ever-present Tupperware and planned-out dishes.

“This chick caused problems the whole weekend,” she wrote. “The whole weekend she moped around in the kitchen cooking her vegan food, in prep for whatever our next meal was that she wouldn’t be participating in and food shaming us the whole time. ...She shamed us for pepperoni pizza (I believe the words slaughter and murderers were used).”

She went on to explain how the Tupperware even came out in public, despite the fact that the group had called the locale ahead of time to ensure it would offer vegan options. “We went to a nice restaurant Saturday night, with plenty of vegan options (we checked the menu for her ahead of time) but she insisted on lugging a HUGE Tupperware container of her special food out,” the poster complained. “This girl sat next to me at a five-star place picking a few bites around from a five-gallon container.”

The guest apparently took things one step further afterward, toting the container along with her as they partied. “Then we went out after and we all had small cross body bags and she carried around this huge Tupperware container at the club all night because she didn’t want to just toss it and spend the money on a new one,” the commenter wrote.

The vegan also brought her own food to the reception: “She brought food [to the wedding] still knowing there would be a special meal for her.”

Ultimately, the Facebook poster said the woman’s dietary choices affected her own experience. “Basically the whole weekend revolved around her being vegan and rude about it and she drove us crazy,” she wrote.

Reactions to the post were predictably mixed, with many defending the guest’s decision to do her own thing food-wise and others agreeing that she had taken things too far. “This is so extra,” one wrote. “As a vegan I can confidently say that bringing a protein bar and ordering a plain salad is much better than 5g Tupperware.”

Wrote another: “Honestly I wish I brought food for the weddings I’ve been to. The vegan options were SAD and barely enough to feed a toddler. And I wouldn’t want to pay for food that I wasn’t eating either.”

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