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UPS Lost This Bride's Wedding Dress Right Before the Big Day

A wedding worst nightmare come true.

Unfortunately, a lot of little things can go wrong on your wedding day. Your dress hem might tear, your band might perform too loudly at the reception, and your uncle Mike might have one too many glasses of champagne. Or, your wedding dress could get lost in the mail. Yikes… Our palms are sweaty just thinking about that potential crisis. But that ultimate wedding-day panic-inducing nightmare became an unfortunate reality for one bride when her gown was declared lost by UPS just weeks before her big day.

Mashaell Abedy, a Virginia first-grade schoolteacher, had the most blissful "say yes to the dress" moment when she found the gown of her dreams. The bride-to-be tried on a beautiful lace Zuhair Murad number while dress shopping at a California boutique, and she instantly knew it was the One—so much so that she started crying right after she put it on. Plus, it was on sale for $5,500. You couldn't envision a more picture-perfect wedding-dress-shopping moment if you tried.

"I never imagined I would find a dress like this," Abedy told Washinton, D.C.'s News4. "I've been obsessed with this designer since I was an undergrad in college."

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After she took the plunge and bought the gown, the boutique in California agreed to complete her alterations and send it to her once it was finished. But it never made its way to her home. A UPS mishap stood in the way of getting her wedding dress, making her shopping luck seem almost too good to be true.

Abedy says she spent about two hours daily tracking the gown through UPS online, which revealed the precious cargo had made quite the journey all over the country, literally zigzagging from coast to coast for almost a month. Records showed the dress in California on November 9, and it ended up in Virginia on November 20. But after that, UPS declared the wedding dress lost. Somehow, her dream dress got sent back to California, then over to Maryland, and finally to Illinois on December 4. She even offered to venture to Illinois to pick up her beloved wedding dress herself if UPS found it.

Thankfully, Abedy had thought ahead and insured the Zuhair Murad dress. Unfortunately, though, no retailer offered the style at such a bargain cost. With the wedding fast approaching, what's a bride to do in this horrible situation!?

Fear not, though—not all hope was lost. Abedy's dress saga luckily had a Cinderella-esque happy ending. With three and a half weeks left until her wedding day, she finally got her hands on her dream wedding dress this morning. A UPS manager (or fairy godmother??) got in touch with her the day before, promising Abedy would receive the shipment that night. The manager also apologized, offering to foot the bill for any other alterations. After a tumultuous month of dealing with every bride's worst fear, Abedy deserves to treat herself to a glass (or a few) of celebratory champagne.

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While minor wedding mishaps won't matter too much in the grand scheme of things, nothing should ever come between a bride-to-be and her dream dress. But, thankfully, this bride's wedding luck can only go up from here!

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