6 Wedding Ceremony Flower Ideas That Are Totally Unique

Updated 06/12/16

Sally Pinera; Floral Design by Heavenly Blooms and So Happi Together

There's no doubt about it: Flowers are a gorgeous way to take your wedding ceremony to the next level. Most often, brides will erect ceremony structures or chuppahs outfitted with dozens (or hundreds) of blooms to accent their ceremony space and guarantee show-stopping wedding photos in the process — it makes for a beautiful focal point during the main event. But if you're not into the idea of saying "I do" standing underneath or next to a structure — maybe you have a gorgeous waterfront view, or natural framing of statuesque oak trees!

— there are plenty of ways to beautify your wedding ceremony with blooms. Here are some of our favorite ways to make your ceremony flowers feel extra special and unique.

1. Natural Low Flower Altar (Above)

This unique altar was beautifully designed to work within the wedding ceremony space, not against it. With such amazing views at the wedding venue, you want to highlight the space with an organic touch of beautiful florals. The effect of this lavender laden centerpiece is that the bride and groom just happen to be enveloped in a circular lavender field in the Malibu canyons, playing up the natural landscape. Where a traditional arch would only take away from the views, a low lush centerpiece provides a similar, if not more impactful experience.

@2014 Sylvie Gil

Photo: Sylvie Gil; Floral Design by Holly Flora

2. Altar Centerpiece

Sometimes just having one gorgeous arrangement as the focal point to your ceremony is the right way to go, especially when you are working within a chapel that is a gorgeous space on its own. Take inspiration from Holly Flora and intermix a simple, yet elegantly sprawling arrangement with candles upon your altar and you'll have the most picture-perfect focal point imaginable.

Photo: Moon Canyon

3. Floral Pillars

If you want to add a bit more dimension to your ceremony arrangements, using varying heights of floral arrangements on stools or pillars, like Moon Canyon does here, can be a great way to make your florals feel reflective of flowers growing in nature. Go as minimalist or bohemian as you want, either way having scattered arrangements and different heights can make a sparser amount of florals feel like substantially more than they are.

© Chaz Cruz 2015.

Photo: Chaz Cruz; Floral Design by Heavenly Blooms

4. Flower Wall

Flower walls are a great way to ensure killer wedding photos. Covering the backdrop in a neutral fabric, like this champagne blush pipe and drape, before hanging garlands and flowers creates the ideal backdrop for the bride and groom to exchange their vows.

Photo: Jose Villa; Floral Design by Mindy Rice Designs

5. Integrated Floral Accents

Mindy Rice Design integrates minimal florals and maximum greenery into a hand drawn charcoal arch to create a breathtaking backdrop that will leave guests stunned without having to break the bank. Even better, the greenery and florals intermingled along the rows is the perfect minimalist accents to draw the scene together.

Photo: Gene Pease; Floral Design by Munster Rose

6. Floral Chandelier This gorgeous hanging chandelier by Munster Rose is adorned with a lush selection of blossoms, perfect for a ceremony in a space with high stretching ceilings. We love the circular shape of this piece as it channels unity and infinity and makes for the perfect outlined space for the bride and groom to stand within.

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