Male Strippers Not Your Thing? 4 Offbeat Bachelorette Party Ideas

Updated 01/28/14

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A wild night on the town isn't for every bride—even if the guys in the male revue all look like Channing Tatum. If you're hoping your bridesmaids come up with some different bachelorette party ideas, we suggest you email this list of equally (or more!) fun alternatives to your maid of honor with a subject line that reads, "hint, hint..."

__1. Hit a music festival:__No, you're not in college anymore, but that doesn't mean you and your besties can't act like it for a weekend. Relive your dusty, muddy outdoor-music memories and hit SXSW, Coachella, or any number of smaller, local music fests. Or, if movies are more your style, check out film festivals.

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2. Get fit together: No doubt, you and your bridesmaids all want to be in killer shape for your wedding. So try out some fun new classes together. Book a flying trapeze party, try an aerial class, learn burlesque, or get over your fear of heights at an indoor rock-climbing gym.

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3. Go back to school: Why not spend a great evening together eating amazing food and learning something in the process? Organizing a private class at a local cooking school is a fun way to bond and unwind together; you and your favorite friends can learn how to make gnocchi, sushi, or empanadas—and you'll leave with a few new recipes for married life (even if your husband does all the cooking!).

__4. Up, up, and away:__If the weather cooperates, consider going up in a hot air balloon together! It's an exhilarating experience to share with friends and you can toast your friendship at 1,000 feet above ground. You'll love the photos of your closest friends together in a gorgeous balloon, and you all can cross one line off of your life bucket list together.

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