This Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake Is Positively Drool-Worthy

And Instagram-worthy too

Updated 03/13/17

Anges de Sucre

Fans of the unicorn movement, listen up. The latest development in the mystical world of unicorn trends is...unicorn croquembouche wedding cakes.

Cake artist Reshmi Bennett of London-based artisanal patisserie Anges de Sucre invented the delicacy, and we want it on our Instagrams and then in our mouths immediately. If you're not familiar with the French croquembouche, it is a cake consisting of "balls of baked choux pastry (called profiteroles and cream puffs) stacked in a pyramid (cone shape). The pastry is covered with spun caramelized sugar." Now Bennett is redefining the croquembouche, as well as the traditional wedding cake, with her incredibly decadent unicorn version, the Horn of the Unicorn Croquembouche.

"The Horn of the Unicorn Croquembouche makes me cry every time—like did I really, metaphorically, give birth to that?! 😍🦄🦄🦄," Bennett proudly captioned a photo of the treat on Instagram. "Cakey goodness from the top down with macarons, doughnuts, eclairs, profiteroles, candied popcorn, buttercream flowers, Ferrero Rocher ice cream cones, and just a dash of OMGeez." OMGeez is right.

While croquembouche cakes are typically covered in just one or two desserts, creating a homogeneous look, Bennett decided to diverge by including dozens of different treats. "Instead of limiting the toppings to profiteroles and macarons like a traditional croquembouche cake...I thought having a whole smorgasbord of desserts would be much more of a feast for the eyes—and the belly," Bennett told Redbook. The cake tower is made with "layers of chocolate and vanilla sponges and frosted and glazed with our signature silken vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate glaze," explains the Web site. It's then covered with delicious desserts, including sprinkle-glazed choux buns and eclairs, baked buttermilk doughnuts, macarons, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, "soft-serve" buttercream cones, chocolate pearls, candied popcorn, and more.

The cake, which is available throughout the U.K., comes in two sizes—one that serves 45 guests and goes for £825 (about $1,009 USD), and another that serves 80 guests and costs £1,200 (about $1,468 USD).

Check out some close-up images of the cake, below.

Anges de Sucre

Anges de Sucre

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