Can You Pick Two Songs For Your First Dance?

Updated 09/08/15

Alison Conklin Photography

A bride and groom's first dance is one of the most romantic moments of the wedding reception. Traditionally, the premiere twirl around the dance floor is reserved solely for the blissful couple, and occupies the length of one song. But what happens when the couple in question can't pick just one tune for their first dance? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the idea of choosing two first dance songs in lieu of one.

Musically-inclined couples may find the idea of settling on only one song to encapsulate their relationship extremely limiting. On the other hand, a wedding is a celebration for family and friends as well, many of whom will likely wish to storm the dance floor as well. Two first dance songs could easily turn into three or five, at which point guests might be anxious to cut in as well.

Instead of selecting two distinct first dance songs, consider creating a mashup of two or more favorite tunes for your spin around the floor. If you have chosen to hire a DJ, he or she will have no problem whipping up a mix customized tune for you and your hubby. Doing so will ensure an individualized experience for you as well as your friends and family, and ensure that your first dance does not drag on. You can also produce your own mashup with the proper software, or hire a local service to do so on your behalf should you decide to opt for a band in place of a DJ.

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