7 Tweets That Sum Up the Drama of Being a Maid of Honor

"My life has turned into arts & crafts."

Updated 06/19/18

Logan Cole

Being a maid of honor is an honor of a lifetime that you’ll probably be eager, at first, to jump for joy and accept. What sounds more fun than being there for your friend during the most special occasion of her life?! You'll be doing things like helping her pick the dress of the dreams and planning a weekend bachelorette party that will create memories that last forever. But over time as the wedding planning kicks into full gear, your role as a maid of honor will expand and grow and so will your to-do list.

What once seemed like an easy and breezy good time will suddenly feel like a full-time job that you’ll be working overtime to make work. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a maid of honor, check out these seven tweets that perfectly sum up the drama of being the head of the bridal squad before and on the day of the wedding.

1. Stressing Over What to Say in the Toast

Even if you’ve been granted the maid of honor title years or months before the actual wedding happens, it doesn’t mean you’ll instantly know what to say in your maid of honor toast. You might sit down and try to write down the perfect speech only to find yourself eyeballing a blank piece of paper for more hours than you planned. One way to help you curb your writer’s block is to look back at old memories you had with the bride, whether by reading old texts or looking through old Facebook posts. Remember, some things you find may not be appropriate for your speech, so use caution when deciding what stories to tell!

2. Realizing You Have to Take a Step Back

The more you help out with the wedding and take on tasks that the bride has asked you to cover, the more it might start to feel like you’re planning your own wedding. You might start to find yourself getting into small tiffs with the bride over why she’s doing it her way and not your way or picking what you think is best for the wedding. When those moments happen, it’s super important to take step back and realize that ultimately it’s her wedding and not yours, so do what’s best for the bride-to-be.

3. Feeling Like the Hero of the Wedding

As a maid of honor, it can feel like your list of duties is constantly overflowing and getting longer and longer. But together with the other bridesmaids, you’ll start to feel like the superheroes of the wedding, pulling off behind-the-scenes magic tricks just so that the bride has no idea what went wrong at the wedding, and you will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

4. Wondering How You Became So Crafty

Did you ever pick up a hot glue gun before you became the maid of honor? Maybe or maybe not, but either way DIY crafts have suddenly become “your thing” to figure out and take care. Perhaps this crafty side of you will linger even after the wedding ends, but either way figuring out how to make something out of a pile of materials and not a big budget has become your specialty.

5. Feeling Like You’re Forgetting Something…Always

Even if you think you’ve accomplished every single thing on your maid of honor to-do list, you will still feel like you’re forgetting something throughout the wedding planning adventure. Whether it’s activities for the bridal shower or bachelorette parties or even a wedding survival kit to keep close during on the bride’s big day, you can never make too many pre-wedding checklists to make sure you’ve thought of it all.

6. Realizing You Said Yes to More Than You Imagined

While being asked to be a maid of honor is an exciting and overwhelming honor, you might not realize at the time of your maid of honor “proposal” that you’re saying yes to more than just standing by the side of the bride on the big day. So celebrate your new role, but don’t forget to get to work, because the sooner you start planning what you need to do, the less you’ll feel swamped with tasks close to the wedding day.

7. Trying Not to Show Your Sass in All the Photos

Being a maid of honor is a lot of hard work and by the time the wedding rolls around, you might find that you need a vacation from all things wedding. But on the wedding day, put your best self forward and try not to be caught rolling your eyes in any of the photos or showing off your full-fledged sass.

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