7 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up What Married Life is Really Like


Updated 10/01/18


After walking down the aisle and vowing to spend the rest of your life beside your partner, you hope that the act of marriage won’t change much about your relationship. You hope that you’ll still have those honeymoon sparks bursting throughout your relationship and your time in bed together won’t be interrupted by silence, social media, or just a lack of desire to get up close and personal. Whether you want to admit it or not, marriage does shake things up between the two people, sometimes for the good, the bad, and the funny.

Just like these seven people whose laugh-out-loud worthy tweets sum up what married life is really like.

1. Your Love Can Be Hot and Cold

When you’re cohabiting with someone else for a while, you will find that a lot of the habits they have can either make you adore them even more or make you wish you never met them, depending on the moment or on your mood.

2. Listening Can Be a Hard Thing to Do

You’d think after being married for a few years that you’d know the key to any solid foundation is communication, respect, and of course, listening to your partner when they ask you to do something or to go to the store and shop for the groceries this week. But sometimes that’s not always the case.

3. Your Go-to Flirting Methods Have Changed

If you used to spend quite the pretty penny buying sexy lingerie, after marriage you may be spending your time just looking for something without a stain on it. Times in your relationship have changed and so have your flirting methods.

4. Your Needs Become a Bit More Realistic

Perhaps when you were uttering off your vows to each other they were based on hypothetical things like always being the life of party together or each other’s partner in crime. But now, after getting married, they are based on far more practical things like:

5. You Really Start to Get to Know a Person

After settling into your marriage, people’s true colors really start to show. As new challenges arrive, from the funny ones to the frustrating ones, you start to really indulge in the person that you said I do to.

6. You Find Creative Things to Argue About

Because you and your partner are spending so much time together, marriage starts to get real interesting when the things you argue about reach a new level of absurdity.

7. You Realize Love Means One-Upping Each Other

Without even realizing it you might start to see that you and your partner are one-upping each other, especially over little things that hardly matter. It seems as if figuring out who is worse off in the moment is just another way of showing your love for each other.

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