Travis Scott Says He's Planning a "Fire" Proposal for Kylie Jenner


Theo Wargo/Getty Images

After months of trying to figure out if Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are engaged or possibly already married, we have the answer—it’s neither. BUT a proposal is definitely in the works, according to the rapper. Scott recently revealed that all the extravagant gift giving, ring emojis, and calling Jenner his wife is just the build-up to what will be a “fire” marriage proposal.

“We’ll get married soon,” Scott told Rolling Stone. "I just gotta sturdy up—I gotta propose in a fire way."

With “just because” flowers that fill up the entire first floor of Jenner's mansion being a typical gift from Scott, we’re sure he will come up with an epic way to propose, worthy of all the fire emojis.

The “Siko Mode” singer is Rolling Stone’s latest cover star and opened up more about his relationship with Jenner and their daughter Stormi. He admits that when he first found out he was going to be dad, he was hoping for a son. “At first I was like, ‘Man, I need a son,’” he said. “When we found out it was a girl, I was like, ‘Huhhh.’ But after a while I was like, ‘Yo, this might be the illest thing that ever happened.’” He continued, “And when Stormi was born, I was like, ‘Life is fire, bro.’”

Jenner and Scott first became an item in April 2017, and things escalated pretty quickly. “Maybe, like, the first week, you don’t know if it’s real or a fling," he said of the early stages of their relationship. "Then the second week you’re like, ‘Whoa, I’m still talking to her, she’s responding, I’m responding. We ain’t run out of a thing to say.’ And it got to a point where I was like, ‘I need her with me to operate. She’s that one.’”

Since then, the rapper and his billionaire girlfriend have merged their worlds. In the Rolling Stone article, he talks about dating someone with the level of fame Jenner has and realizing that she is just as chill as he is. “People don’t understand how real my girl is. How ill she is,” he said.

Having grown up on TV and in spotlight, Jenner is definitely not camera shy, but it’s a different story for Scott. “Me, I hate cameras. I don’t like people in my business,” Scott said, adding that when dating someone with Jenner’s level of fame, you never know what you’re going to get. “Going into a situation like that, you’d think it would be a whole public fest. You never know. ‘Maybe she’s into all the photos, or worried about this and that.’”

Lucky for him, that wasn’t the case at all. “I realized what really mattered to her, which is none of this sh*t. She’s the coolest motherfu*ker of all time.” How...sweet?

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